Month: November 2014

Childhood Memories


I am re living so many childhood memories with my daughter 🙂 Some of them are around silly rhymes we used to sing as kids. I taught her a few and then when I met my friend last month she reminded me of a few more…   Aa Mina Aa Mina,  Super Cina Kaala Baba …

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#MicroblogMondays : Passwords

In one of the sessions I was delivering early last week, came the topic of passwords. I began wondering what is the average number of passwords a person needs to remember these days. Email, Bank Accounts, ATM, Laptop,  Phone,  Office VPN and then the hundreds of apps and systems your office sets up and about …

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#MicroblogMondays : Change

Self Awareness is the first step in the journey towards change. Only if you have realised the need for a change, will you walk down that path.