3 Holi Songs from Bollywood that will rock your Holi Party

Holi Songs

Hiya… happy Holi people!

Holi is an Indian festival of colour. Mythologically, it is celebrated to remember the freedom from an oppressive king Hiranyakashyap and ascension of his kind son Prahlad to the throne. Traditionally, holi is played with red coloured powder called Gulaal and syringe like water guns called pichkari that throw little streaming jets of water on others. It is a festival to celebrate freedom, happiness and has become symbolic of fun in popular culture as well as bollywood. Music is a huge part of Indian culture and there are many songs about holi. I am listing 5 of my favourite Holi Songs

Rang Barse from Silsila

The ultimate Holi song for me. Every Holi list has to start with this song! Rang Barse bheege chunar waali rang barse…. sung by Amitabh Bachhan in a slightly intoxicated voice this song epitomises the holi fun. The lyrics are slightly suggestive given that most situations are about a woman being promiscuous during holi. She goes about with her lover while the husband is left alone. Now before people have their sexist and feminist flags up, I want to make a point that the movie was about an extra marital affair. The song suited the situation perfectly! The picturisation of the song, while has the fun element, also depicts the undercurrent of conflict between the characters. And then, as prude as we Indians claim to be, there are plenty of suggestive Indian songs. Okay, now I have digressed… this song is about colour, water and fun all under a little intoxication of bhaang! I love the song and it is the best way to get your Holi Party Rocking.


Balam Pichkari from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani

The last decade produced very few holi songs. I thing that is because holi songs are based on the folk style and need to be lyrical. We all know the nature of bollywood music these days… lyrics have faded into the background. Hence, a song like Balam Pichkari was an absolutely refreshing change! Silly lyrics, again about a man driving a few women around the neighbourhood crazy with his antics and picturisation that has a young group prancing about in showers of gulaal. Seeing this song, makes me want to play holi even if it is diwali season 😛 If you are looking to get people on the dance floor in your holi party, this is the song to play!

Let’s Play Holi – Waqt

Inspite of Anu Malik’s singing, this song made it to the top lists for Holi. I remember the movie was released just before Holi and that year, this number dominated the charts. Well, it has survived the test of time. The thing that works is the beats. Instant foot tapping music to get to all pepped up for holi!

That is it guys… Once you have played these songs and gotten people dancing about, your holi party is sure to be a fun do that people will be talking about for weeks 🙂 Don’t forget the thandai and the gujhiya though! Have a happy fun filled and safe Holi…

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