4 Ways to Style a Blue Coat

You read it right! My Diwali look post made me aware that it has been a while since I wrote about beauty and fashion and was really missing doing those posts. So today, I am going to share my experience of styling a thick woollen coat. Having lived all my life in Mumbai, I had almost no experience of a proper winter. I had a great fascination for winter wear though. Who wouldn’t? Those long coats, the high boots.. they instantly glam one up. I bought a brown coat when I first moved to Delhi. It was a flattering cut, the colour was versatile and it served me well for a few years. However, being the lover of colour that I am, I wanted a brighter coat and a thicker one too.

During my North East trip in 2012, my leather jacket sleeve tore and so, I bought myself a long, thick wool coat in the most gorgeous blue and dark blue pattern. The only other option then was a drab black coat and I decided to chuck practicality out of the window and follow my instinct. The only things I looked for are good quality material, a good finishing and lots of warmth. I am so pleased I made that decision. This coat has been my faithful companion on all my travels so far. Here are some ways I have styled it.

Blue Coat
See the pattern?

Style Blue Coat with Jeans and Long Scarf

This one was a no brainer. No matter what tee or sweater I have got underneath, the buttoned up coat with Jeans works very wel. I tied this colourful wool scarf for covering my neck up as well as adding some contrast. Since I had a long day of sight seeing ahead of me, I paired it with comfy white walking shoes.


Blue Coat with Jeans and Stole
Blue Coat with Jeans and Stole

Style Blue Coat as a Layering piece with a Long Tunic

When I visited San Francisco, I truly understood what mercurial weather meant. It was freezing in the morning, windy in mid day, sweltering in the afternoon and then reverse of it all! I wore a light cotton tunic and and carried my coat along, throwing it casually over for a bit of warmth. The large pockets serve as a great place for holding tickets, loose cash and even the phone.

Blue Coat with Long Tunic
Blue Coat with Long Tunic

Style Blue Coat with a Long Sweater in Sub Zero Temperature

Munich was -4 degrees when I was out sight seeing – even in the day! I have two thermals, two tees and one long woolen tunic underneath that coat. Black snow boots and a black beanie complete the outfit while my camera bag and cross body satchel match with the rest of the accessories. I quite like the little pop of contrasting colour that the maroon sweater provides here.

Blue Coat with Snow Boots
Blue Coat with Snow Boots

Style Blue Coat with a Dress

By this time, I thought all my pictures look the same and decided to do something different for my trip to Amsterdam. So, I chucked the jeans, wore a black legging over thermal leggings, threw on a dress and buttoned up the coat. My long brown boots match up with the brick and red scarf around my neck. There is an explosion of colours on my dress that just about peeks through. Thanks to my Marks and Spencers thermals, I was warm enough and could unbutton the coat even in the chilly weather of Amsterdam.

Blue Coat with Dress
Blue Coat with Dress

Some of my tips while buying a wool coat are:

  1. Look at the reverse. The lining should be soft so that even if you have to wear it over a tee or a tunic, it is comfortable
  2. Pockets are a big bonus. I have worn this coat mostly during travel and the pockets have doubled up as gloves as well as purses.
  3. The shape must flatter. The A cut coat works brilliantly for my body shape. If this were a straight fit, it would highlight my belly area and not look as good.
  4. The right length is critical. The bottom hits at the leanest part of my body. A few inches shorter, and it would have drawn attention to all the wrong areas!
  5. Remember why you are buying it. For me, I would use this in the Indian winter or for a few days while travelling abroad. So, a piece that is versatile was needed. While I love the look of trench coats, anything that long would have been too monotonous.

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