My Birthday LOTD

My LOTD from my birthday evening, which was earlier this week. I turned a year older in age but am hoping my mental age remains the same for at least another decade. Then I will reassess! I had a nice day. Lots of acquaintances, colleagues and relatives wished me. My daughter made me a card at her day care. Hubby cancelled a few meetings and fought a Delhi Belly to take us out for dinner. Sweet little gestures…


Birthday LOTD
Birthday LOTD
  • Dress: Bugis, Singapore
  • Boots: Inc. 5
  • Accessories: Just my everyday Raga watch and a pair of earrings by Nirvana

By the time we got home in the evening, I had just about 20 minutes to get myself and my daughter ready. My fastest ever 🙂 I suppose it helped that I was having a good hair day and needed no work. The dress too did not need loads of accessories to it was super quick to get dressed.


Birthday FOTD

  • Face: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation
  • Eyes: Avon Glimmersticks in Grey
  • Lips: MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

The entire focus of this look was Ruby Woo and to avoid looking overly made-up, I kept the cheeks bare. Just a minimal liner on the eyes. I kept the waterline clean and skipped Mascara. Am growing out my brows and avoiding threading as much as I can. What do you think of this look?

5 thoughts on “My Birthday LOTD”

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    1. Thank you! 20 years!! wow… thats a long time… I can’t even imagine finding a shade I would want to wear that long… it must be really special for you! Is there a pic on your blog of you wearing that lipstick?

      1. Sorry, I just saw this reply! I never got an email saying you had responded. Oh well. There isn’t a pic of me wearing Del Rio. (But eventually there will be, as I am writing my life story in chronological order. I’m currently writing about the early 90’s. I started wearing Del Rio in the mid 90’s, so im almost there. Then there will be photos of it for sure. Now I only wear it from time to time for special events. 🙂

        1. Wow Jackie! are you going to be publishing your story? It would be fascinating to read that… am also extremely intrigued by the lipstick shade… do share 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)