All About Christmas – a Christmas Activity Book

December is All About Christmas! Is it any wonder then that we have a lovely activity book for kiddos that is all about Christmas 🙂 What I Liked The book starts with the Nativity story and explains the birth of Jesus. Growing up, I did not know this story and had no idea why my school always did the Nativity display around Christmas and what it signified The book also explains the stories of Saint Nicholas, better known Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree The book has more activities than stories. The activities are all kinds, from writing letters to

Origin by Dan Brown

Robert Langdon is a well known character in pop culture. Ever since The Da Vince Code became an international Best seller, Dan Brown has written only Robert Langdon. His latest, Origin explores two intriguing questions Where did we come from? Where are we going What I Liked about Origin Dan Brown is a story teller who uses a writing style inspired  from Jeffrey Archer – one with multiple threads and timelines being told parallels. Jeffrey Archer uses it to his advantage, revealing information to the reader at the right time. Dan Brown achieved this very well in The Da Vinci code

iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book

Keeping kids away from screens during their vacations can be a task. I am always on the lookout for ways to do it. Every vacation, board games, art book, craft supplies and a bunch of new toys are piled up for her. The one thing I am struggling to get her hooked on to are books. So this Diwali, when I was invited by JAMMs to try the new iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book, I was intrigued. What I Liked The Ramayana story is explained in a simple and fun way that kids can relate to. For any activity book,

150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep Young Minds Fit and Fine #BookReview

As the life skills coach, author Neera Maini Srivastav understands the common issues faced by teenagers. She also understands that this is the age where parental communication can break down causing a rift between the parent and child. Often, this is the cause of teenage rebellion. While the parents may be saying the right thing, they may not be saying it the right way. This book puts forth the ideas in a succinct and non-preachy way. I can imagine why such a book will be more palatable to the teenagers than what their parents say. They can also read this

Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti #BookReview

Author Nisha Singh pays homage to Literature’s most famous Private Investigator in her series Bhrigu Mahesh. Just like her muse, her own protagonist is a loner, has a deep insight of human nature and also has a scribe cum sidekick who is totally in awe of him. Read on to know what I think about her attempt to Indianise the mighty Holmes. Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti: What I Liked Right up front, what I liked is that the author is extremely candid about her inspiration and makes no bones about it. The honesty is refreshing 🙂 Even