Kaya’s Story

Kaya was walking home from work one evening, when she suddenly became aware of the familiar sinking sensation in her stomach. Familiar because she had experienced it numerous times in her life. It was her intuition, a forewarning of something to come. Something big. Something important. Sometimes happy, sometimes not, but each time this sinking sensation had accompanied an event that would impact her life in a major way. And this one was to be the biggest of them all…. but she didn’t know it, yet.

The first 55-er

This unnamed 55-er is inspired by a real life conversation. Insipred, it is not the transcript. The real conversation didn’t end the way this does. I don’t personally know the two who were involved in it, so I haven’t taken their permission before publishing this story. My apologies for that… “…I hope you understand now” sad “Yeah” upset “I had to…” sad “Hmm”quiet “I’m sorry…” apologetic “Its ok” forgiving “If I ever come back?” uncertain “I’ll welcome you with my arms open”excited “But I won’t. You have my number on your cell, but don’t call me. I am Mrs. William

Progati – The tale of Progress

“Have we really come to an age where we no longer differentiate between the sexes? Have we really given women their true position in our so-called well-educated and advanced society? No, we have not!    There are still those narrow minded and conservative people who believe that letting women of the family step out into the world is hazardous to their family’s honor. There are those who not only restrict the freedom of the women in their own family, but try to influence the others to do that as well. Then there are those who are absolutely unconcerned with whatever

That Monsoon – part II

If you missed part I, it can be read here part II begins- This is what I did… Ok, don’t hit me….. ducking for cover The story is still 55 words! No one said anything about images now….. right??? By the way, the story is true, and the image is a pic of my first ever oil painting…… It was August 2000 and my semester was just over. Fortunately, I got a month off!!!!! Thats rare, and I was jubilant. But watching the rain fall on dull monsoon afternoons wasn’t my idea of spending a vacation. So, I made this….

That Monsoon – part I

Here is my attempt at 55 word fiction It was typical monsoon afternoon -dreary. Everything was a shade of grey, from light to dark and everything in between. A dark gloom had enveloped everything… I was confined indoors and the blank colourless walls stared back at me… The starkness became unbearable… I decided to do something about it… Raindrops on Glass To be continued… Keeping in with the tradition, this is also in parts! 🙂 Read part two – The Monsoon – part II