Stories that I wrote

Kaya’s Story


Kaya was walking home from work one evening, when she suddenly became aware of the familiar sinking sensation in her stomach. Familiar because she had experienced it numerous times in her life. It was her intuition, a forewarning of something to come. Something big. Something important. Sometimes happy, sometimes not, but each time this sinking …

The first 55-er

Lifestyle ProBlog

This unnamed 55-er is inspired by a real life conversation. Insipred, it is not the transcript. The real conversation didn’t end the way this does. I don’t personally know the two who were involved in it, so I haven’t taken their permission before publishing this story. My apologies for that… “…I hope you understand now” …

That Monsoon – part I

Raindrops of Glass

Here is my attempt at 55 word fiction It was typical monsoon afternoon -dreary. Everything was a shade of grey, from light to dark and everything in between. A dark gloom had enveloped everything… I was confined indoors and the blank colourless walls stared back at me… The starkness became unbearable… I decided to do …