Hair Straightening via Rebonding- My Experience

Hi girls, this post is in response to Prerna’s question on Wise She. I remember fretting about weeks when I was thinking about getting my hair straightened and did quite a bit of research as well. I can totally relate to Prerna here and thought of doing a post rather than type inches and inches of comments! Hope you find this info useful girl! There are more than one methods of straightening. I am talking about rebonding here. There is a new technique called hair smoothening which is milder and is for hair that is slightly wavy or curly. The

You are never too old to learn!

We have heard this quote over and over again. have we not? Although learning gets difficult as we grow older, we need to keep learning. Specially in beauty! New skincare ideas, new makeup trends… there is so much to learn! Is there not? If you are dabbling with basic makeup, you need to start small. Get a hang of what suits you and what does not and then proceed with high end brands and experimental looks! Trust me, it is very very easy to go overboard and look garish! 🙁 I have found some excellent sources to learn about makeup

Lifestyle Deal Experience

Hello girls… all of you must have seen the snapdeal ads on TV unless you’ve been living in oblivion. The 60%, 70% and 80% off on things like restaurants, spas, gyms are pretty tempting na? I got tempted too and me and hubs being the net junkies that we are, we searched for more of such sites and came across in addition to and bought a multitude of deals. My experience has been mixed and there are a few learnings too. Let me start off with my experience at the Magnolia Spa, Gurgaon ( Img Source: You


Vanity alert… If you are not vain (or pretend to be) and are not interested in other’s vanity, please read my next post Escape! As a child, I had a bob cut. Then I started school with a blunt cut and a straight fringe. Like all little girls, I was fascinated by long hair and wanted to grow mine out. i think i told mum in class 3 or 4 about it and thereafter did not cut my mane. They grew long, really long and i was bored of it after a few years. By this time everyone oohed and


New cotton Tunic – 350 rupees Maybelline Mascara – 270 rupees Lotus Kajal – 120 rupees Soft Sole Sandals – 400 rupees     Still fitting into pre pregnancy jeans – Priceless!   Well into my third trimester now and the jeans weren’t maternity… well, they were stretch skinnies… still, I fit into them! yay… Vanity at its peak, ain’t it? But with more than half the clothes in my wardrobe rendered unwearable, this was definitely something to rejoice about…  🙂