Alternate Careers

Ever since the year began, I have been thinking about alternate careers. I am wondering what life would have been had I actually followed one of my crazed ideas and steered away from the “safe” engineering option. I have imagined various scenarios and here are a few that seem worth recounting… Woman Writer WriterNow this seems like the most logical one. Doesn’t it? I have advocated my love for writing often and I know that the biggest obstacle in my way is my own laziness. The dream is very much alive and I am hoping and praying with all my

Strange Day, Sore throat and a recipe!

I did’t sleep well last night but woke up fresher this morning than most days. Strange, na? Some days are like that I guess. Started work early since there were back to back calls lined up all morning… my throat actually hurt after that…. it’s still hurting… oh wait, thats the ice cream and milk shakes and chilled water’s doing :p By lunch time I was exhausted and the moment I entered the kitchen, I was hit by a sudden urge to eat something sweet… the chocolates in my fridge didn’t look inviting and on an impulse i made vada.

The foodie says…

I have this thing for silly little rhymes, specially the ones I compose! 🙂 If you can’t understand what i’m talking about, read this…. or better still, sing it to the tune of ‘My favourite things’ the famous song from Sounds of music. Flambe that dances on brown roasted chicken, Curries that that bubble when they boil and thicken, Icy blue mocktails with spriglets of mints, These are a few of my favourite things. Dollops of icecreams stacked in a bowl, Juicy Kebaabs laid on a bed of hot coals, Jumbo grill sandwich with no onion rings, These are a