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Since I have already taken a break from writing Progati, and done two taggies, I’ll continue it for now. (For those few of you who are following Progati – the remainder of the story still exists only in my mind- it has yet to be put on paper, or microsoft word for that matter!) So,what …

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I thought I’d escaped this one…but DJ tagged me! Total Number of Books I Own – Many! Never really sat and counted. Most of my books are my inheritence – inherited from my Dad (Along with the love of reading) The Last Book I Bought – I don’t buy many books. Most of the books …

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I thought I’d escaped… But apparently I haven’t! I’ve been tagged too! THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: After my Namkaran , it was Ankita Anksy or Anks is how I’m known in blogsville Anku or Anky is what my old school friends call meUh oh, that was five not three…. Hmm, so lets make up …

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