My conscience pricked me when I saw him. But I told myself he probably wants to get off at the next stop. After all, I was sitting next to the exit door. There was nothing in his body language that showed signs of wanting to disembark, but I resolutely looked the other way. I told myself that I had a heavy bag to carry. Besides, there are about ten other people without luggage nearby. Anyone could give him a seat. The next stop came and went but the old man standing next to me was still there where I had

Kaun kaun conned?

A very strange incident has been happening to me for the last two days and I am sure that I am not the only one who has experienced this! It happened day before when I was coming back from work with a colleague of mine, M. He was driving his car and we were having a little chat as well. Battling the heavy Mumbai evening traffic, we got on to the Ghatkopar Mankhurd link road. Now for the uninitiated, this road passes thru a slum like area. Its quite a wide road and is used primarily by trucks and motorists

Airport @ AHD

This post was written on 4th Feb 2007, in a Jet airways flight while fighting nausea and flying back home from Ahmedabad 35 – Number of days in this year so far 15 – Number of days I’ve stayed out of home this year so far Generally, 15 would be the number of days I spend out of home in the whole year. And this time, it’s in just about one month! So you can imagine what it does to a homebody like me. Add to that the air sickness while traveling and there you go – ho gayaa kaam!