Drape A Smile – A JAMM’s Social Initiative


JAMM’s now brings Drape A Smile – their fifth Social Initiative. After Step Up and iLight, they are now collecting 910 saris to commemorate the 910 days that JAMM’s network has been in existence.

I am sure that like me, you too have some saris tucked in
to the back of your closet or under your bed that are rarely ever used. We don’t wear saris all that much these days and then there are those saris which were gifted to us and not quite our style, or we have newer, trendier ones to sport on those rare occassions that we do wear a sari. JAMM’s Drape A Smile is the perfect reason to not just de-clutter these but also do a good deed this festive season. Think about a woman in some corner of the country who gets your sari. As she drapes her new sari gifted by you, she is also draping a smile on her face. She is thanking her angel for a simple joy that we upwardly mobile sometimes take for granted. These underprivileged women give up so much to ensure their children and families have a happy Diwali, they slave away to make the basic sweets and often use their meagre savings to buy their children new clothes.


I have done my bit to drape a smile on someone’s face. If you too wish to be a part of this initiative, 30 drop points have been set up across Mumbai city by volunteer moms to make it easy for you to donate the saris. The donation drive will continue till 14th November 2016. You can contact 9930203454 or email jammsnetwork@gmail.com for more information.

#KarwaChauth… Regression or Choice?


From the last few years Indian social media and even mainstream media sometimes goes crazy every October. The reason… the big KC. KarwaChauth….

Those who call it regressive, do not understand that celebrating festivals and observing fasts is about the sentiment and the gesture. All festivals are symbolic then why the big hullabaloo for KarwaChauth alone?

  • Why do people light lamps, keep doors open and pray to Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali? Are you really expecting a gold laden woman in a red saree to walk in and suddenly eleviate your financial burdens or elevate your financial status?
  • Why do they play Holi? Has another avatar of Vishnu descended on earth and gotten rid of all evil?
  • Why burn Ravan effigies on Dassehra when all around us there is so much corruption and human induced suffering?

Do you realise that celebrating is a way if connecting with people, with your family and impart a right moral code to your children?

A lot of Hindu festivals are about fasting. Navratri, Teej, Ekadashi, ShivRatri, Janmashtami, Ram Navmi. People fast on all these days. Why does the noise happen only on KarwaChauth? A woman fasting for her children on Teej does not get branded as a regressive mother. Why is the wife labelled so? My biggest problem with KarwaChauth bashing is that most of it comes from women. Mayuri makes a very valid point about choice in her KarwaChauth post and Suman makes a suggestion to keep it more relevant to current times. I agree with both of them.

All people shouting foul at this time of the year should just chill… and let the women be. Those who do not fast are doing it because it is their choice. Those who do, do it as a gesture of Love. We are not seeking validation from you or the rest of the world.

Whisper Ultra Clean Review


I do a lot of reviews on this blog. Beauty products, subscription boxes, books and heck… I have even reviewed a laundry service. I would never buy a lipstick without reading a review and yet when it comes to something like a sanitary pad, I have never bothered looking for a review online. Out of curiosity, I googled Whisper Review and guess what, the first page showed reviews of a 2007 film and an app both of which are called whisper. In fact it was only on page 10 that the first Whisper sanitary napkin made an appearance. If that does not speak volumes about the state of Period conversations, then what does?

I have come from the age when buying sanitary pads from the medical stores was a task in itself. I would wait till the counter was empty and then say “whisper” in a small voice. The guy would go in and bring out a newspaper wrapped packet which I would carry back home. I learned much later that whisper came in many different sizes and later would ask for the specific ones I wanted. Having been lived through these times, I can imagine the confusion of not knowing the different variants and the features of a product. So, when I got a chance to review the new Whisper Ultra Clean, I agreed without batting an eyelid.


The new Whisper Ultra Clean is supposed to give you 5 times better protection and last 5 times longer than the ordinary pad. It has some pretty cool features like –

  1. One thousand suction holes in the top sheet for faster and better absorption.
  2. Magic Gel crystals that offer better dryness
  3. Odour Lock that gives off a pleasant scent for a fresh feeling
  4. Extra length for lasting much longer
  5. Softer top sheet for added comfort and no itchiness

When I tried the new Whisper Ultra clean I realised that it does absorb faster. A pad lasted marginally longer than the previous whisper ultra pads that I have used. I suppose an extra hour of two of wear when you are out of home make a big difference to the staining. The top sheet was definitely comfortable, but it was prone to excessive drying. The pad length worked well for the daytime and I was not worried about staining my clothes at work as well.

Overall, I felt that the new whisper ultra clean is an improvement over the previous pads and I would happily switch over to it 🙂


You can try the product for yourself by registering here.


Overreaction or Genuine Rage? #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

This morning I was wondering about what to write for my regular Monday post. I had no life updates to give, have been incessantly talking beauty for the last week and have reviewed the books I read too. Suman Kher solved that problem for me when she shared this tweet..

It has started a debate that is still going on in our twitter group. My first reaction after reading this tweet was

But then, I read a little more. I read the story on Mashable and they have  an image of the mail photo that started it all. Even the mail that the lady sent is in there.

Reading the lawyer’s mail, this is what I gather –

  1. Charlotte Proudman and Alex Carter-Silk do not know each other
  2. Alex is aware that this could seem politically incorrect and he compliments her anyway
  3. He then states an intention to know her skills and a possible collaboration

Now I do not know the context in detail but the Mashable story makes it clear that Charlotte reached out to him to connect. This seems to be his first response. In my view, he isn’t hinting anything inappropriate. He is saying it is a stunning picture. What is wrong about being told that? He is talking about working together. Why did Charlotte flare up so much? Because he was a stranger? Because he is 57? Or because he is a man? I agree there is no dearth of creepy men out there but are we women not going a little too overboard by thinking all men are the same? When men say women are bad drivers, we are quick to shout and vent about it. Yet, one man misbehaves and all men are branded creeps. Yes, men admire women, they ogle. It is how they are wired. There is a fine line here that takes this behaviour into derogatory. That needs to be condemned. Looking at every man you come across with the same suspicion is not right. If you flare up when men generalise things and then label all men as sexists and misogynist, then what does that make you? A hypocrite. Am trying hard to not judge Charlotte here but I can not help think that she over reacted. She could have graciously accepted a complement and carried on her professional engagement. If the lawyer made any advances on her then, if he put her looks above her skills after getting to know her, then it would be a problem. Then such outrage would have been justified and even necessary.

I have felt in the past that we women take this women’s lib a little too seriously. We go overboard and men are sometimes victimised. As human beings, we need to be a little more tolerant. We need to give people a chance. Why are we so cynical that we cannot take simple compliments – even if they are from unknown people? Must we always mistrust their intentions?

What do you guys think about this? Do share your thoughts!

Day 13 – September Blogging Challenge

Vacation Style – #ThrowbackThursday

Earlier this year in Feb, I took a week long vacation to Kerala. Here are some of the outfits I sported on the trip…!

1-20150221 Kerala Feb 2015

5-20150221 Kerala Feb 20156

6-20150221 Kerala Feb 20157

2-20150221 Kerala Feb 20153

3-20150221 Kerala Feb 201544-20150221 Kerala Feb 20155