Cell Phones for Divas unveiled at Asus Divas Meet

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When I was invited for the Asus Divas Meet, a ZenFone launch event, I was intrigued why they were doing an all women Diva meet for a cell phone launch. Usually, they would have a lot of tech bloggers for such an event. It took me 30 seconds into the presentation to know why! Intrigued? Read on…

Asus Divas Meet

A bunch of gorgeous women who assembled at the ITC Grand in Mumbai on 8th August were greeted by Zenny, the Asus Mascot. We filled the ballroom and looked around for familiar faces. The room was buzzing and three sounds dominated. There was chatter, laughter and the constant click of cameras as umpteen selfies were taken!

Asus Diva Meet

You had to take one look around the room to see cellphones flashing everywhere capturing the smiles and the pouts. I suppose the Asus product development team had studied this aspect of cellphone usage well because they showed us the perfect selfie phones. The presentation began with Peter Chang, MD Asus introducing the ZenFone 2 Deluxe with its beautiful polygonal finish body, ZenFone 2 Laser that has an incredible fast auto focus camera and the highlight of the evening – the ZenFone Selfie. He specially mentioned the gorgeous colours they picked out especially for the women like Chick Pink and Aqua Blue. Aqua Blue is the Tiffany shade and Peter said he plans to gift it to his wife since he did not give her a Tiffany ring when he proposed! At popular request, he took a Panoramic selfie and showed it to us right there.

Panoramic Selfie

We went on to see a demo by Charles on some of the Incredible features like –

  1. Two 13MP PixelMaster cameras, dual-color, dual-LED Real Tone flash both front and rear, plus laser auto-focus for ultra-fast shots with complete clarity. Now we know why this is called a selfie phone. The camera in the front is as good as the one on the back. No more blurry selfies!!
  2. A Selfie Panorama mode enables selfies up to 140 degrees of Panorama, so everything and everyone becomes part of the shot.
  3. An intuitive rear key makes capturing selfies easier than ever. No more struggling to reach the camera buttons.
  4. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which ensures that you can drop your phone in your purse and not worry about your knick knacks scratching it ever!
  5. A unique beautification mode on the front camera that enhances your selfies as you take them. Goodbye filters 😛
  6. An incredible low light mode which gives amazing low light pictures. Think candle light dinners people 🙂

Asus Divas Meet

All the ladies were in for a surprise when Anusha Dandekar walked in after the presentations. She instantly lifted the energy in the room by sharing makeup and selfie taking tips for taking selfies like a pro. She has the technique nailed down to the T and shared all her little secrets with us!

Asus Divas Meet

We went on to have two contests, a selfie rampwalk and a groupfie that were good fun. The winners won Lolliflashes, a unique flash that plugs into your smartphone. They were so cute and made everyone go awww.

Asus Divas Meet

The evening ended with all the bloggers checking out the phones, mingling about and enjoying the snacks. I had fun catching up with Vipra from Forever Magnifico and Clementia from Wierd and Normal Diaries and Sanjay from Yes That’s Me.

Asus Divas Meet

ASUS is a worldwide top-three consumer notebook vendor and maker of the world’s best-selling, most award-winning motherboards. ASUS designs and manufactures motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, desktop and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, servers, multimedia devices, wireless solutions, networking devices, tablets, smartphones and wearables. It has more than 16,000 employees around the globe with a world-class R&D team of 5,200 engineers. Company revenue for 2014 was approximately US$14.5 billion. You can order your phones from here

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  1. Don’t much care for Divas, wish I could get one of those phones! *sigh*

    Guess, that makes me ~ gizmo freak! 😀

    1. I suppose… the phones did look great.. I checked out the phones and the features are quite powerful. They are excellent for gaming too… though this point was not stressed on in the Diva Meet 😛

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