Dream Come True – #FlashFiction

It has been ages since I wrote flash fiction. My love for writing began with stories and I can safely say it will always be the most loved one. This is a short story where the prompt was – Dream Come True. Hope you enjoy it

Running down the street, the man held back a sob. He wasn’t prone to crying, but today was an exception.

When he had woken an hour ago, he found his house empty. The door was bolted on the inside, yet his parents, wife and son were missing. He called his wife’s phone. The ring tone echoed in the empty house. His dad’s walking stick which was his constant companion, stood propped in the corner. He tried to fight his mounting panic like his yoga teacher had taught. Close eyes and take deep breaths. The cacophony around him usually made it impossible to focus on being calm but today it was surprisingly easy. His eyes flew open as a fresh wave of panic hit him. There was no sound today. It was so quiet, he could hear his own breath. Out on the street, there was not a soul in sight. He hurriedly pressed the doorbell of his neighbour. No answer. He rushed downstairs and yelled for the watchman. No answer. He called his friend. No answer. He first walked, then ran down the street, shouting to be heard, but there was no one to respond. Sobs broke out as he realised that in his dreams, he always longed for solitude.

This was his dream come true… with a cruel twist.

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22 thoughts on “Dream Come True – #FlashFiction”

  1. I often ask for solitude and lots of it but this story has made me realise I better be careful 😛

    You must write lots of short stories, Ankita. I really like this one.

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