Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine – My Experience and an Offer!

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine - My Experience

Why did I go for a Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine? Well, it is a longish story. Sit back, relax and read 🙂

I have written quite a bit about my hair on the blog. My hairstyles story is a two-part series where I talk about my decade-long journey with different hairstyles. The rebonding experience is one of the most popular posts on this blog. My tryst with haircuts and hairstylists from 2011 is well documented! Why do I write so much about hair? Because I firmly believe that a good haircut can make or break your style. After my initial experience with Habib Express circa 2011, I tried them again in Kolkata and Mumbai and actually liked them. For the last few years, I have been visiting them every month to maintain the cut. However, the last two-three visits had me feeling underwhelmed. The stylist would take just ten mins and declare the cut done. The manageability of the hair after the cut did not improve and I was looking for a good stylist yet again.

I am one of those who has to visit the stylist frequently to maintain the cut and thus never looked at salons like Jean-Claude Biguine. My colleague Preeta, however, swears by them. She said she visits once in a quarter or once in two-quarters and the cut holds by then! Considering the time I spend going every month to a budget stylist, a high street visit once in six month equals out. So, I decided to try Jean-Claude Biguine. Before I could book my appointment, I was offered a voucher by YES BANK to try the service and talk about my experience on the blog!  The cherry on the cake…

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine – My Experience

First up I have to mention the Salon Manager Reshma. Why? Let us rewind a little. Ever since I came back from London… you guys would know I was in London if you follow me on Instagram. You don’t? Why not. Go follow and come back. I will hold on to the story. Done? Great, okay so as I was saying since I came back from London I have been sick. Bed-ridden sick. I called Reshma and told her that I am a blogger and would like to visit and blog about the experience using the voucher. She scheduled my appointment and moved it twice to accommodate my health. She could have flatly refused and it would be well within her rights considering the voucher T&C. However, she was nothing but sweetness and constantly asked after my health when I called. It is a small thing but goes a long way towards customer delight.

When I reached the salon, Sagar was supposed to do my hair but at the last moment, they asked Imran Salmani to do it. Imran is a top stylist there and when he learned that I was a blogger, he happily took pictures and talked about the products and techniques used so I could write about them. That was really sweet of him. I noticed that he sanitised his hands before he began the service. Another small touch but speaks volumes about the attention to detail.

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine - My Experience
The thorough examination

He began with a thorough examination of the hair and then asked me what sort of cut I wanted. I had two basic needs – the cut should give me volume and should not need styling on a daily basis. I was flexible with the length and ready to go with what he suggested. He showed me a few styles that were good but my hair already had loads of layers. He asked if I was ready to do something edgy and funky. I was not. The cut needs to complement my mostly Indian wardrobe and professional setting. He then suggested that he will work with the same cut and what he could fix namely layers which were all the same length and make them uneven for more texture and bounce. He also told me what he could not fix namely the too short layers of the front which were not framing my face properly. I have made a short film of my experience and you can see it here. The highlight of the video is the technique he used in cutting my layers!

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine – What I Liked

I really liked the fact that everyone was so nice. Imran asked me the usual questions about my hair maintenance routine. Which shampoo do I use? What hair colour have I used? How do I condition etc. etc. He recommended products but was not too pushy. He was constantly sharing tips which I will add at the end of the blog for you guys as well! What I liked the most though was the haircut itself. I loved the final result and even though I was sick, it made my day.

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine – What I Did Not Like

Now if I had to be a nitpicker, I would say that they did not tell me right away that Imran was a top stylist. I learnt that later, as I was exiting the salon. It is a trivial thing. Like I said, I am being an absolutely nasty nitpicker here so I have something to write in this section 😛

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine – Final Thoughts

To conclude, I must say that the whole experience was very pleasant and I will definitely visit them again, with or without a voucher. I loved the result and would wait to see how well the cut performs before deciding on the frequency of my visit though. Everything from booking the appointment to the service was a breeze and very comfortable. Those guys kept asking me if they can get something to soothe my cough and throat, they were very professional and did a great job with the hair.

Now if you guys wish to experience the service, Jean-Claude Biguine has tied up with YES BANK. Under this offer, you can visit any Jean-Claude Biguine salon and avail any of their services at a whopping 20% discount! All you need to do is pay for the service using a YES BANK debit or credit card. This offer is valid Monday through Friday. Be sure that you tell them in advance while booking your appointment that you wish to pay by YES BANK cards and avail the discount. Do remember that you can not club this offer with any other. You can read more about the promotion here.

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine - My Experience
With the Magic Worker – Imran Salmani

Imran Salmani’s Tips & Tricks

  1. If you have oily hair like I do, use a light weight conditioner. A conditioner meant for dry hair will overload with moisture and make them heavy and drag them down.
  2. Again for oily haired girls, when you condition your hair, do not let the conditioner sit on them. Apply and rinse immediately.
  3. Use dry shampoo to prolong the time between washes.
  4. To add instant volume to your hair, catch hold of a few strands about an inch from the scalp and flick your fingers.
  5. During your blow dry, hold the dryer downward and at an angle. The air hitting the hair from below will create an upward movement that will add lots of volume to the crown.

So there. Do you guys have any tips and tricks to share with me?

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine - My Experience
Before and After

As mentioned in the post I was given a voucher for a complimentary haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine in exchange for this post. The experience and opinions are my own and has not been biased by the sponsorship

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