Help Tiny Feet Walk – with Step Up

Step Up JAMMs

JAMM’s is a Mumbai based parenting support group. Every year, they take up a social initiative and this time it is Step Up. Before  I tell you about step up… think about this….

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

How many pairs of shoes does your little one own?

How many pairs of shoes are kept in your shoe rack, untouched for ages?

Now add up the amount of money you spent on these shoes. Keep that figure in mind while you read on….

Village children between 6 to 10 from the Mulshi Taluka in Pune, namely Aandhale, Katarkhadak, Bahirwadi, Rhea and Kalamboli villages walk bare foot roughly 3 km everyday just to reach school! Sadly on hot days, water is not carried to drink but to pour on the roads and sore cracked feet! Their parents more than often cannot afford even one pair of basic footwear and these little feet bear the brunt.

Don’t you think these children deserve basic clothing and footwear? JAMM’s thinks so. JAMM’s believes in not only empowering mothers but the community at large. The goal is not only enriching the members’ lives but that of others as well, especially children. JAMM’s is proud of turning two years old and have made it a point to celebrate the milestone with a social project like Step Up. JAMM’s is celebrating 730 days of continuous enriching networking experiences and would like to mark it with 730 pieces of footwear given to rural children for whom this necessity is a luxury.


You can do your bit by participating in this event on May 8 and supporting the cause. With as little as INR 500, you can help 6 children walk to school much more comfortably. Now, isn’t that less than that red wedge or that black stiletto you totter on?

Visit for your contribution.


What is JAMM’s?

A No-Nonsense and Complete Mom-Sense Networking group, JAMM’s connects over 3000 jammies in 30+ Whatsapp groups and over 5700 moms in a secret Facebook group.

JAMM’s has been felicitated by ‘Entrepreneur Excel’ for women empowerment in Dec 2015 & has also been nominated for the prestigious international ‘Manthan’ award for digital empowerment & not misusing technology.


Ritu Gorai: +91 99 3020 3454

E-mail: [email protected]

Visit us at:

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