iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book

iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book

Keeping kids away from screens during their vacations can be a task. I am always on the lookout for ways to do it. Every vacation, board games, art book, craft supplies and a bunch of new toys are piled up for her. The one thing I am struggling to get her hooked on to are books. So this Diwali, when I was invited by JAMMs to try the new iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book, I was intrigued.

iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book

What I Liked

  1. The Ramayana story is explained in a simple and fun way that kids can relate to. For any activity book, the challenge to keep kids engaged is making them have fun and this book accomplishes that. iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book is indeed the apt name for this book!
  2. Each chapter is accompanied by activities that reinforce the storyline. For example the activity exploring the emotions of Dashrath, Kausalya and Kaikeyi post Rama’s vanvas helps them understand the mindset of the characters. In another activity, they actually get to play Rama and kill Ravana, one arrow at a time!
  3. There are many additional activities like card making and Diwali gift box decoration. This helps kids learn not just the story and the mythology behind the festival but also the modern day celebration and traditions.
  4. The size of the book is not too large and it can be easily carried to keep your child engaged during your Diwali travel!

The author has put together a short informative video on how to use the book here.

What I Did Not Like

There was just one thing I did not like and that was the book cover! It looks like an advertisement for the book more than a book cover itself. If kids see this on the shelves, they would not be immediately drawn to it. I know they say never judge a book by it’s cover but an interesting cover never did hurt a book. Right?

Final Thoughts

The book and the activities are definitely interesting and a good way to introduce kids to mythology. I also liked the fact that this book tells the children that Diwali is so much more than crackers and new clothes and helps impart the traditions and values in a fun way. Priced at INR 299, this is a must have for kids this festive season.

I was sent a complimentary copy of this book by JAMMs. The views expressed are my own though. JAMMs is a Mumbai based parenting support group. You can follow them on social channels at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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