Low Immunity in Kids and how to overcome it to become a #YesMom

Low Immunity in Kids and how to overcome it

Low Immunity in Kids is a very real problem today. Infants and toddlers are constantly sick because they are being exposed to the various viruses for the first time. As they grow older, their immunity becomes stronger and the frequency of them falling ill reduces. About a year ago, my daughter for falling ill constantly. Last December alone, she missed school for about ten days. We were worried. Her paediatrician said that her immunity was low and she was susceptible to infections during weather changes. What followed was a nightmare of keeping her protected. No sweets, no cold stuff, no soft drinks and no outside food. After a while, I was tired of being a tyrannical mom whose response to all food related indulgences was a big, resounding NO. We looked up various ways to boost her immunity and a combination of these seem to have worked for us –

  1. Weight Management – My daughter was under weight and the first instruction to us was to get her into the healthy weight category. We are still fighting this battle because my kiddo just refuses to eat but we have slowly increased portions, enlisted help of teachers and added dairy, butter and ghee to her diet to help her gain weight
  2. Probiotics – A healthy gut is very important to fight stomach based infections and probiotics help! Along with her regular portions of curd, we started her on probiotic drinks everyday.
  3. Eggs – There are many superfoods available and the internet is full of articles about it. My daughter’s favourite are eggs. An egg a day keeps the doctor away became my mantra with her. The best part about eggs is that they are very versatile and easy to make. They make a great breakfast or even an evening snack. Boiled, poached and sunny side up are the healthiest options and once in a while, a cheesy scrambled makes for a good treat.
  4. Nuts and Seeds – We replaced biscuits and cookies with nuts and seeds as munching options. Our stock of remade snacks was simply replaced by almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and the like. The entire family had to make this switch because you can not tell your child not to have it when you keep eating those sugary snacks. And you know what, we are all happier and healthier! That is not to say she is off sugary snacks at all, but the intake is lesser.
  5. Immunity Boosters – Even when we do all of the above, we can sometimes not control the quality of ingredients and hence, their effectiveness. An additional boost to the immunity can be provided, that too in a yummy way with ActivKids Immuno Booster. We went through our fair share of products and I was used to disguising it in her favourite hot chocolate or milkshakes and even cup cakes. But when I shared this one with her… well, see for yourself what happened!

She loved the fact that she could enjoy a yummy chocobite that would even boost her immunity. Now instead of me chasing her to take her booster, she chases me to have it! Talk about role reversal. I am still upset that we missed the early signs when she complained of fatigue all the time and attributed her constant cold and fever to the weather. I wish I had known back then that her immunity needed work. I would have started this sooner and saved her a lot of pain. Now, I am more aware and am sure with constant focus on nutrition and use of products like Activ Kids Immuno Booster, I will stop worrying about her immunity and become a true YesMom.

ActivKids Immuno Booster

This is a sponsored post. The brand association has not impacted my or my daughter’s view of the product. This post speaks of my experiences and is not a replacement of medical advice. If you wish to try it, it is available on Amazon


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