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Music is another one of my hobbies. But the lack of a respebtably sureeli awaaz, forces me to leave my vocal cords at peace and just be content with listening to music. And in the recent past, I’ve bought a lot of music and borrowed some from friends and recorded it. Point is that I have a lot of cassettes and CDs lined up that I haven’t really done
justice to. The collection includes:

  • Saathiyaa ( yeah, I  bought the album a few months back – really really late!)
  • Veer-Zaara ( have heard it once, in about three sittings – and i must say, i was very dissatisfied….. need to hear it in one complete sitting)
  • Anksy’s melodies ( Ok, now don’t think that i’ve released an album or something. This one’s a collection of soft and melodious numbers released over the last few years. The only shining jewels in an otherwise mediocre album. I have heard this one about five times, but i intend taking that number to five hundred – too ambitious???)
  • Sunehre Pal (A lovely compilation of Mohd Rafi’s songs, about fifteen of them, from the bygone era. A motlen butter voice, plays magic on the ears)
  • Deewana Hua Baadal (Another compilation of oldie goldies. This time its Asha Bhosle singing off duets with Mohd Rafi and Kishore da. I must confess that I’ve always liked Asha Bhosle a bit better that Lata Mangeshkar, and Kishoreda a bit better than Rafi Sahab. And this compilatoin is all to my liking. Soft Mushy classics!!!)
  • Do Lafzon ki hai ( This one is…. you guessed it! Yet another compilation 🙂 By now, anyone who hasn’t been sleep reading this post would know that i have this thing for compilations …. I guess I like to have the cream! This one is a double cassette album… With Asha Bhosle solos and duets…. right from Haal kaisa hai janaab ka to Rang de…. some of my favourites that are not heard often, like Mera kuch saaman from Ijaazat)
  • ELVIS ( Elvis Presley’s all time hits….. you are my teddy bear to jail house rock to blue suede shoes…. )
  • Harry Belafonte ( An old tape I recorded from radio a couple of years back. Re-discovered it while cleaning my desk…. This one has all the cuties – Jamaican farewell, coconut, and the one that plays during the hutch mini TV ad. Awesome stuff!)

And the one’s I wanna get:

  • A new CD of Madhushala ( My dad’s tape i’veheard so much, its worn out…)
  • Lucky- no time for love
  • The best of Neil Diamond ( Another compilation – Recommendation from Dad)

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)

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