My Nails Transformation with Laque Nail & Lash Lounge

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Nails – I have mixed feelings about them. Nail paints were my first foray into the world of beauty. I had just reached class 11th and while we had a uniform, the restriction on nail length and colour was lifted. Our manicures became the most discussed things in class. Now these were the 90s. Think pre nail art days, reds-pink-browns and two or three brands in the market. I had chanced upon a white mother of pearl one that had created quite a stir. Yup, Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai! On a side note, anyone else hooked on to this show, comment and let me know please 🙂 Over the years, I yo-yoed between keeping my nails bare and painting them. Nail art excited me but only on others. Last week, feeling adventurous, I jumped aboard the acrylic nails bandwagon and decided to go the whole hog. I not only got acrylic nails, I got really long acrylic nails from Laque Nail & Lash Lounge! Have a look

Laque Nail & Lash Lounge Nails before
Laque Nail & Lash Lounge Nails After

Did you see those? Now let me talk about my experience at Laque Nail & Lash Lounge.

The salon had a clean minimalist look. It is however, very classy. The rows of nail paints displayed along one wall and the frames and mirrors on another did give off a luxury feel. My favourite part was the tall chairs with golden cushions. I felt it made me feel like a queen on a throne as I got pampered. The staff was friendly, but not too intrusive. I personally don’t want the salon staff to be overly chatty. However, the best part about the experience was undoubtedly attention to hygiene. Staff wore masks throughout the service. The tools they used had disposable stick-ons so each person gets a fresh tool for the service.

I also got an opportunity to speak to Priyanka Chandnani, the owner of Laque Nail & Lash Lounge. Talking to her was delightful and inspirational at the same time. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She is also a trainer and teaches nail art to people wanting to be nail artists themselves. She was also a bundle house of information. Some of the tips I learnt from her

  • Always use base coat. It is an absolute must to protect your nails.
  • While working with nail products, gauze works better than cotton since it does not shed any fibre
  • Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene

I really enjoyed the service and would highly recommend the place! If you’d like to visit, here is the address

Laque Nail & Lash Lounge
1st floor 62 R_Galleria Runwals Greens,
Nahur west, Mumbai,
Ph-099302 55299

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I was given a complimentary service courtesy JAMM’s and Laque Nails & Lash. My views however are my own.

21 thoughts on “My Nails Transformation with Laque Nail & Lash Lounge”

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  2. Ankita, we all have the same story about cosmetics.. In the beginning We are allowed only nail-paints . Then we gradually progress towards lipsticks. In our days only nude shades were allowed and REDs were complete no-no. loved your designer nails and pro-tips. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  3. I love nail extensions and have been getting them for quite sometime. However, I’m not crazy about nail art. I like minimalistic paraphernalia happening on my nails. Just like Laque Nail and Lash Lounge, there are some very good places in Delhi too that do fantastic nail art and extensions. I agree it gives a neat, well kempt look. I’m forever ready to go out and don’t have to worry about chipped nails or brittle nails anymore.

  4. Must admit… I don’t do my nails… I might have done a few years ago… But now they don’t last at all… Washing dishes, cleaning, and the paints all gone..

    As a student it was easy… No longer now. I love those colours on your nails though… Sigh… Not worth spending on them for me…

  5. nyamat dhaliwal

    Lovely! I used to have an obsession with nail art at one point but now I don’t even bother wearing a nailpaint, even at formal events sometimes! It’s crazy how the graph has changed for me lol

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