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It’s Not That Simple on Voot

It’s Not That Simple on Voot

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That title did not mean Voot is not simple, it is simply a new show on Voot titled.. It’s Not That Simple.

Marriages are not simple. Each marriage has it’s own learning curve, it’s own adjustments, contentment and discomfort. Now you throw unhappiness and an affair in the mix. What do you get? Well, It’s Not That Simple…

The show, as you saw in the trailer is a six part web series. I was invited to the media launch of the show last week and we saw the first episode. We saw Meera, an educated housewife who has put her child above her career. At this point in her life, she is in an unhappy marriage. The story is definitely intriguing and the production value is so good, it is almost like a film. Visually, the series looks great. I loved the camera work with the low angle shots, the fades. From the cast, I really liked Akshay Oberoi. Hopefully, we will see more of him in the rest of the episodes. The lady who takes the cake though – Swara Bhaskar portrays this with such effortlessness that you start to think this is her own life playing out on the screen. You can see the child-woman in there and you feel for her.

Its Not That Simple Swara Bhaskar

The writing must be applauded. Such real life scenes, dialogues and reactions! No over the top drama.

The show did make you question though, about choices – an unhappy marriage or the perfect affair? There are tonnes of books and movies about marital infidelity and so the subject of It’s No That Simple is nothing new. What is different though is that it is set in today’s times and talking about things you and I can relate to. It is non judgemental and does ask questions from a woman’s point of view. At the same time, it is not preachy or showing the men in a bad light. This is the kind of content I want to watch. Sadly, conventional TV does not give it me so I have downloaded the app Voot on my cell and am following the series there. In case you want to watch it online, here is the weblink to the series.

Have you checked it out yet? What do you think?

I am leaving you all with a few images from the launch event.

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