One Rainy Evening – A #LoveInspiration Story

One Evening

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Mia walked slowly on that mid-June evening, with clouds gathering and the wind picking up speed. Monsoon was expected, and the sudden change of weather did not bother anyone. In fact, the people of Mumbai were looking forward to it.

Mia had left her office early that day. She had an appointment to keep. Till last week, she was a young, unmarried, carefree woman in her early thirties. She realized she could not be carefree anymore. What she was about to do today would ensure that. She would still be young but never carefree. In one moment, she was going to hand over her life to someone else. Mia knew she would stand out in society. People would question her decision, would ridicule her, and some would blemish her character even. She had braved all that for the last few months. She had faced opposition from family, colleagues and even her best friend. Only a handful of people had stood by her.

Mia had learnt to put the pain of that behind her. She had made up her mind. Her heart had told her to do this and now she was committed. The dark clouds descended further and the early evening grew dark.

Mia held up her own umbrella in one hand and a second one tucked in her arm for later. She reached the ancient building and took a deep breath before going inside. She had barely crossed the courtyard when tiny fingers entwined themselves in her own shaky ones. Mia looked at the puppy eyed girl she was going to adopt today and they walked hand in hand toward the office that would officially make them mother and daughter. Behind them, the sky sang and showered the city with the much needed refreshing rain.

One Evening

The kind of love that is selfless, not driven by need to posses, not bound by a duty, not restricted by social norms is the kind of love that inspires me the most. I think it can help every one of us be a better person…


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