Do you think one side of the face photographs better than another? #NaBloPoMo May 4

one side of the face photographs better than another

Today’s Prompt: Do you think one side of your face photographs better than another?

About this question I am not sure! I used to believe that I do not photograph well. but a bit of reading up about posing and lighting changed that. Oh and makeup too. Makeup makes a LOT of difference when getting a good click done. Many girls favour a particular angle and side when being photographed.

Why does one side of the face photographs better than another?

I read up a bit about this and realised that this is not a myth! Research does show that one side of our face photographs better than the other. For most people it is the left side. A study says we show more emotion on the left side of our face. Emotional Laterelisation is the term here. That causes the left side to look more attractive. Can you imagine? Simply being more expressive causes it to be more attractive.

Physically, the two sides of our face are not symmetric. There are minor differences in both sides. According to, here is a simple tip to find which one side of your face photographs better.

To find yours, hold a piece of paper vertically over one side of your face, then the other, says Ian Spanier, a photographer in New York City. Your better side is the one with more upturned features—for example, the corners of your eyes and lips.

Source: Find the “Good Side” of Your Face to Instantly Look Better in Photos

If this fails, or if you are not able to figure out, they simply suggest going with the left one!

Do I think for my too one side of the face photographs better than another?

It is strange that before today, I was quite indifferent about this. For this blog post, I started looking for pictures of mine. I realised a very strange thing! Most pictures have me showing the left side of my face. I was able to find only these pics from two occasions where I got myself clicked from both sides. Maybe I know this subconsciously then and have been favouring my left side all along. I have put my left and right pictures side by side below and I think the result is quite clear.

one side of the face photographs better than another

The pics on the top row are from my birthday this January. You can check out the whole outfit in my birthday LOTD post. The bottom row is from a wedding last year. I deliberately looked for pictures from the same event so that the hair and makeup is the same. Also, the bloating on my face is the same. In both the examples above, you can see that the left side does indeed photograph better! The angle of my jawline is much steeper and my cheekbones seem higher too 🙂 Strange how I never noticed this before today! I am now going to be a lot more conscious of this fact. On second thoughts, I would want to get myself photographed from both sides to continue comparing. Just for kicks you know? Yea, I am weird like that!

What do you think? Does one side of your face photograph better than the other?? Which side do you favour?

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)