Lifestyle July 10, 2006

Some question I want answers to…

The four of us were out for lunch yesterday, celebrating bros birthday a week late… A buffet at the Taj is always looked forward to, simply because of the array of salad, cheeses and desserts that are not part of your everyday meal. But yesterday, when I looked at the lavishly laid out food, I couldn’t help think of the wastage, the poor undernourished kids that are dying. And suddenly I couldn’t eat any more. All the opulence and luxury…

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Lifestyle June 27, 2006

Monsoon Wedding!!!

Raindrops of Glass

Two of my friends are getting married today – to each other! And since it is raining Cats and Dogs, I can safely call theirs a Monsson Wedding! Hope they have a great life together…. Since I am not attending the wedding, a lot of my other friends are, I was thinking about them and how the announcement of their marriage surprise (actually shocked !) us all. Some ppl actually thought this was a gag! And since my wandering mind…

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Lifestyle June 7, 2006


Lifestyle ProBlog

First it was Ricky and then it was Silky – both tagged me and gave me different alphabets! And the good girl that I am, I just cudn’t say no. So here it is, the alphabet taggie. M for Ricky and S for Silky… Mom – Everybody loves mom, and I am no exception! Me – When I saw the letter M, the first thing that flashed through my mind was my nickname, which begins with M! So I identify…

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Lifestyle May 18, 2006

It’s a season of protests!

Lifestyle ProBlog

In this Sunday’s Hindustan Times, Vir Sanghvi writes that Indians love to protest. Give them a cause and they will protest it! Can’t refute that now. Can we? Given that its has been a season of protests. From Narmada Andolan to Reservation policy to da Vinci Code – there are protests galore. When I thought about why we protest so much, I couldn’t help thinking of my history teacher in class ten. She had categorically told us during a bandh…

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Lifestyle May 9, 2006



While I was coming to work this morning, heard Tadap Tadap Ke on radio. Must’ve heard this song only about a few hundred times before, but it still gave me goosebumps! (that’s why the title of the post!) Wonder what it is about this song… is it KK’s voice, Ismail Darbaar’s composition, the lyrics or all of it put together… I don’t know! I simply love the song…. and its amazing, coz generally, i don’t like sad songs, sad stories…

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