Red Roses….

There was a boy in high school we will call Joey. One day Joey leaned over to the girl sitting next to him in class and whispered, “Red roses.”

The shocked girl stood up, slapped Joey in the face and went crying to the teacher. The teacher called Joey to the desk and asked what he had said.

“Red roses” was Joey’s reply, at which the teacher screamed and sent poor Joey to the rincipal’s office. As Joey waited in the lobby to be called in, he pondered what was happening to him. His thoughts where cut short by the sound of the secretary saying he could go in. Joey walked into the office and was told to take a seat, which he did. After telling the story of how he had been wrongly accused and how he knew there was some mistake, the principal smiled and asked, “OK, Joey, I understand. What did you say to her?” Joey was sure the principal would be a reasonable man and responded
“Red roses.” you could watch as the principal turned red and shouted

Joey asked to wait for the bus to take him home, since he lived some distance away.

“NO!” Then Joey was informed that if he were caught on the premises again, he would be arrested for trespassing.

Very distraught, Joey set out on his way home. He had made it about a mile down the road when Old Man Jones, the local pig farmer, stopped and offered a ride home. Joey, being very upset, of course, accepted the ride. Not more than a mile down the road, Old Man Jones asked why Joey wasn’t in school, so Joey told the story of the events that had happened that day. At the end of the story, the old man said that it sounded like Joey had quite a rough time of it

“Oh, and what did you say?” Joey hesitated– should he tell the man what he said, or not? He decided to tell him.
“Red roses.”

The tires squealed as the truck ground to a halt.Old Man Jones reached over and opened the door and pushed Joey out of his car. Now very angry, Joey got up, brushed himself off, and continued on his way home. Upon arriving at home, Joey’s mother, Mrs. Campbell, saw
that her son wasn’t looking too good, and asked why he hadn’t caught the bus. Joey told her. She fixed Joey a bowl of soup and then asked,

“Joey, dear, what on earth did you say to that little girl?” Joey wasn’t sure what to do. He knew his mother loved him, but he didn’t want her to have the same reaction everyone else had. But he told her anyway.
“Red roses.”

Joey waited in his room with a bruised ego and a sore bottom, wondering what would happen when his father got home. Six o’clock came around and Joey’s father got home. He could hear his parents arguing outside his door and then suddenly it was quiet. Mr.. Campbell came into the room and said,

“Your mother told me you had some trouble at school, but I told her you and I would figure it out. But the first thing is you have to tell me what you said.”
“OK, Dad, I said red roses’,” was Joey’s response.

The next morning, Joey decided he needed to get a job. It was awhile before he found anyone who would hire a 15-year-old who had been expelled from high school and kicked out of the house. But Joey wasn’t a quitter, and he did find a job working at a gas station in a neighboring town. After a few months, Joey had managed to get settled in his new job and had even moved into the apartment over his boss’ garage.

On a particularly slow day at work Joey’s boss asked what had happened that caused everything that had happened to happen. Joey went into along story of emotional stress,misunderstood youth, the pain of having lost all of his friends and family in one fateful day. The tale Joey spun was so powerful; his boss was moved to tears and, out of compassion, offered to adopt Joey.

With the firstsmile to cross his lips in months, Joey accepted. On the way to the court proceedings a few days later, Joey’s boss asked him,

“Exactly, what did you say to her?” Without thinking, Joey replied,
“Red roses.”
His boss grew as white as a ghost and said, “That was my niece, you little pervert!”

Once again, Joey was without a friend in the world. The next day Joey took all the money he had managed to save and bought a bus ticket to wherever the farthest place from here is. As he waited for his bus, a little old lady sat down next to him on the bench. Even though he didn’t want to, she started talking, and before you knew it, she had heard almost the whole story. But she interrupted and asked what he had said.

“Ma’am, I said ‘red roses’.”

Well, the words were just barely out of his mouth when she started beating him with her cane. In order to flee the fury of the old woman, he ran across the road, but he never made it to the other side. He was hit by a speeding Mack truck and he died.

The moral of this story is, Always look both ways before crossing the street.


Musical ramblings…..

Music is another one of my hobbies. But the lack of a respebtably sureeli awaaz, forces me
to leave my vocal cords at peace and just be content with listening tomusic. And in the recent past, i’ve bought a lot of music and borrowed some from friends and recorded it…..
Point is that I have a large amount of cassettes and CDs lined up that I haven’t really done
justice to. The collection includes:

  • Saathiyaa ( yeah, i bought the album a few months back – really really late!)
  • Veer-Zaara ( have heard it once, in about three sittings – and i must say, i was very
    dissatisfied….. need to hear it in one complete sitting)
  • Anksy’s melodies ( Ok, now don’t think that i’ve released an album or something. This one’s a collection of soft and melodious numbers released over the last few years. The only shining jewels in an otherwise mediocre album. I have heard this one about five times, but i intend taking that number to five hundred – too ambitious???)
  • Sunehre Pal (A lovely compilation of Mohd Rafi’s songs, about fifteen of them, from the
    bygone era. A motlen butter voice, plays magic on the ears)
  • Deewana Hua Baadal (Another comilation of oldie goldies. This time its Asha Bhosle singing off duets with Mohd rafi and Kishore da. I must confess that I’ve always liked Asha Bhosle a bit better that Lata Mangeshkar, and Kishoreda a bit better than Rafi Sahab. And this compilatoin is all to my liking. Soft Mushy classics!!!)
  • Do Lafzon ki hai ( This one is…. you guessed it! Yet another compilation 🙂 By now, anyone who hasn’t been sleep reading this post would know that i have this thing for ompilations…. I guess I like to have the cream! This ones a double cassette album… With Asha Bhosle solos and duets…. right from Haal kaisa hai janaab ka to Rang de…. some of my favourites that are not heard often, like Mera kuch saaman from Ijaazat)
  • ELVIS ( Elvis Presley’s all time hits….. you are my teddy bear to jail house rock to blue
    suede shoes…. )
  • Harry Belafonte ( An old tape I recorded from radio a couple of years back. Re-discovered it while cleaning my desk…. This one has all the cuties – Jamaican farewell, coconut, and the one that plays during the hutch mini TV ad. Awesome stuff!)

And the one’s I wanna get:

  • A new CD of Madhushala ( My dad’s tape i’ve heard so much, its worn out…)
  • Lucky- no time for love
  • The best of Neil Diamond ( Another compilation – Recommendation from Dad)


I read this story once. There was a little town with a small population. All the people were going about their life, doing their work, content with a small town’s simple life. Then one day a guy gets married to rich man’s daughter from a big city. She brings with her a shining merc, and a host of gadgets and appliances which are essential for a luxurious lifestyle. Instantly, the items became the talk of the town. And soon, all the townsfolk, perfectly happy with their lives were discontent. They suddenly found the money they had was not enough, the small town and its facilities not adequate, and they felt envious towards those few who did have them. The peace and harmony of the town was lost. The stress levels rose, and people were falling sick more often. There were fights among friends, fights among relatives, fights among family. The happy town was no longer happy!

What went wrong? Why did people suddenly crave things they didn’t really need? Its just that they saw someone else having the things, and then felt the need for it themselves, but did they really need it?

That night it rained!

This is a story a friend of mine forwarded….. its a sad tale, but has a ring of truth in it!!!

“Lets go for a walk”, said Rahul. “Yippee. Lets go”, said Swetha, almost jumping out of her seat.
It was yet another boring day in the Mysore training institute. Dusk was breaking in. Swetha had already taken two breaks since lunch. Nevertheless, she had been anticipating Rahul’s invitation for another break.
Rahul and Swetha had known each other for the last couple of months. They had been together since the training days. People knew them as the best of friends. Rahul, the regular T-D-H type, who spoke with a heavy Bengali accent, was a popular flirt in the DC. On the other hand, Swetha was a chubby sweet little girl, who was always on the lookout for sorrow souls. They enjoyed being in each other’s company. Swetha would disclose all his crushes to Rahul, and Rahul would always be seen taking classes from Swetha, on how to impress a girl in 24 hours. Rahul had helped Swetha to forget her 7-year-old single lane relationship and Swetha would see to it that Rahul would never be lonely. Most of the time, they were together. People admired, some even sneered with jealousy, the relation that these two shared. The walk today was unusually long.

“This is gonna be one of our last walks”, muttered Rahul in a low tone. “I know”, replied Swetha in a soft, almost inaudible voice.

Mysore DC had completed the long cycle training and the postings had been announced the previous day. Swetha was posted at Mysore base location, while Rahul would have to shift to Bangalore. Even though they both always knew that they had to separate one day… they did not expect it to happen so soon. Swetha, who belonged to the sentimental group, looked at Rahul and managed to pass a disguised smile. “I tried my best for a swap. The HRC is stubborn. She is still holding on to ‘EURP P.U. doesn’t encourage swaps.’ I cannot stay here alone Rahul.” “I swear, I am gonna miss you badly too dear” replied Rahul, again faking a smile.
“Hey don’t worry sweetie, Mysore is just three hours from Bangalore. Just call me and I will be here.” said Rahul, trying to cheer her up, though his words did not light up Swetha’s face.
She just replied with a frown. “You will be busy with your new girl friends and our work. You will soon forget me”

“Hey come on!” said an offended Rahul. “You are my best friend. Can I ever forget you dear?”
“You just wait and see”, came an almost sobbing reply.
“Don’t start crying dear.” Said Rahul with a gloomy face… “Oh… by the way… it’s getting late… let’s go back” he said, taking a U-turn.
As destiny wanted……… the next week saw Rahul packing his bags for Bangalore, while Swetha moved out of her PG, to a rented apartment closer to her office. They parted with a few wet handkerchiefs. The bus started moving. Rahul looking through the Volvo glass was trying to say something to Swetha. His actions deciphered, as “I will call u when I reach there. Gonna miss you. Take care… Bye-Bye”
Swetha was comforted by her own tears. She felt very lonely, as if she had lost something. Something, very precious. Consoling herself, she went back to her room, shut the door, and started sobbing again. She had found a very good friend in Rahul, and he was her major support. She had no clue in the beginning that she would get so much attached and more important… too much dependent on him. She sobbed herself to sleep.
A couple of hours later, she heard her mobile ringing. One look at the tiny screen, which happened to display, “Rahul calling…” and she was overjoyed. She answered the call with a

“Hey… You reached so soon? How was the trip?”
“Yo dear! Just reached. Bangalore seems to be bliss. The climate is almost like Mysore. It is wonderful… though Mysore was better…. Coz I miss you badly here…”
“I miss you too dear,” said Swetha… trying to stop her tears. They talked on for almost an hour. Swetha was all the time advising him, on what to do and what not to do. And Rahul was responding with a “Yes dear” “Ofcourse I will” “Sure, I wont” A couple of days had gone by. They used to call each other every day. They did not miss the good morning / good evening / how are you / I am fine … SMS almost every hour. Thanks to the Airtel to Airtel free SMS scheme. Slowly the days went by. Two weeks had past since they parted.
That Saturday, Rahul called up Swetha in the morning and said…
“Hey Swetha… you know what… I am gonna have a terrific weekend. We are going to check out Nandi hills today.”
“We? What do you mean by we?” asked a puzzled Swetha.
“Oh Oh. I completely forgot to tell you about my new friend. She is so cute. We are in the same project. We both are going to the hill station. Just about to leave… So thought of calling you up and say a hi.”
Somehow the “hi” was not so enticing for Swetha. Back there, she was finding it hard to talk to anyone after Rahul left, while on the other hand, someone had already taken her place in Rahul’s life.

“She managed to mumble out “That’s great Rahul. Have a nice time… and enjoy yourself.” She was kinda upset, but didn’t show it.

Days went by and Swetha was feeling that the distance between her and Rahul was slowly increasing. Then one day… the phone at her desk rang.

“Swetha… you have to go to Bangalore for one week to gather the details of our APPLE project”. It was the voice of her PM. Swetha could hardly believe her ears.

“Wow! What luck! I can meet Rahul for a week,” she said to herself.

She was very much happy and excited over this new twist. As luck would have it… it was Rahul’s birthday next week. She thought of giving him a big surprise. Therefore, she hid the news from him. Next week, Swetha was in Bangalore. Thanks to the huge crowd of people, she managed to go unnoticed by anyone, especially Rahul, for the first day. It was evening. She had left office early. She went to the market and brought some beautiful flowers. She had been waiting for this day. Flowers have this magical way of pleasing people… and so she was choosy in selecting them. Rahul was her best friend, and she cared a lot about him. Taking the flowers home, she had her dinner and was waiting for time to pass. She knew Rahul’s address… she left the hotel at 11:30 and hired a taxi to reach Rahul’s place. It was a short distance away, so she reached pretty soon. She groped around and found out his flat. The lights were still on. She frowned. She wanted this to be a magnificent surprise and hence had expected him to be sleeping. Nevertheless, she timidly went to the door and rang the bell. The door opened in a few seconds… There was Rahul. “Happy birthday…” said Swetha. Rahul was stunned. He could not believe his eyes. Taking the flowers, he said.
“Oh gosh! Thank you so much Swetha. I never expected you… come on… come inside…”

Swetha removed her shoes and went in. Little did she knew that there was a bigger surprise waiting for her inside. She saw that the room was decorated and there was a birthday cake, which had candles on it. There was a pretty girl standing there in blue denims and a red top.

“Err… Swetha let me introduce you to Neha. And Neha, this is my friend Swetha”

The girls exchanged smiles and said Hi to each other. Swetha felt uncomfortable. She wanted to be the first one to wish him on his birthday. But look here! It seemed that someone else had already done it. Still, controlling her feelings, she did not react. They sang the birthday song together, cut the cake, and had fun. The Party was over.
Swetha said, “Rahul, it’s getting late, I will leave now. Can you tell me where can I find a taxi?”

“Hey, are u nuts or what? It is very late. You don’t need to go anywhere. Sleep
here tonight. Even Neha has decided to stay back.”
Swetha would never have accepted this, but the last line “Even Neha has decided to stay back” drove her to say, “Well, if you insist, I will stay back.”

The next day morning, once again Shweta wished Rahul and left for her hotel. Work was hectic. She met Rahul for his dinner party in the evening. Neha was with him. She found this annoying, but as usual, did not utter a word. The next day morning, she called Rahul and said…

“You mean fellow, you haven’t shown me around Bangalore. I am free today evening. Take me to the good places”
“Sure we will do that baby.” Was his reply.
The day was boring for Swetha with not much work to do. She waited until five and then buzzed him on his cell.

“Where are you Rahul? Come on… let’s go!”
“Oh… I am so sorry Swetha; I have this telecon thing… I am gonna be late… just wait for some time… please dear”
“Sure I will wait dear, you finish your work. Tell me where are u, I will come there and cheer you up”, said Swetha.
“Hey that’s fine dear. No need to take any trouble… Besides, Neha is also here.”
Swetha was surprised. She had not expected him to say this. This time, not knowing how to react… she was searching for words to reply… she struggled and said…

“Well.. err … Rahul.. I am.. err very tired.. I think I will go back… err.. Let us go tomorrow…”
Rahul replied “Wow, that’s fine… no problem. We will surely go tomorrow okay, thanks a ton Swetha for understanding.”
Unfortunately tomorrow never came. Rahul was busy with one thing or the other. She was feeling all the more lonely and desolate. The feeling that Neha had replaced her position sank her. A frustrated and irritated Swetha was waiting for her last day in Bangalore. That day, she did not expect Rahul to call her. So to inform him that she is leaving, she called him in the evening and told him that he is leaving in an hour. She was shocked by Rahul’s reply.

“Oh I am so sorry dear; I won’t be able to come to see you off. Today I have a very important meeting, I am really sorry yaar.”

“Its okay Rahul”, said Swetha, thinking at the back of her mind… what meeting could Rahul possible have after office hours. Heartbroken by the crushing changes she found in her best friend, she left for the Majestic bus station and boarded her bus. She kept on looking outside as if she was expecting a miraculous surprise. But no one turned up. Resting her head on the slide seat, she closed her eyes. Memories of those wonderful times spent with Rahul were flashing in front of her eyes. She did not have any grudges that Rahul had replaced her, but what pricked her was how easily she was forgotten and forsaken. The journey was perhaps the dullest and saddest for Swetha.
Back in Mysore, and back to work, Shweta was trying to cope up with life. After a week, Rahul called her up. She did not want to create an issue, but just could not stand it. She blurted out everything. She asked him to give an explanation. His reply was

“Look Swetha, you are a very good friend of mine. But now, there is someone more important in my life. Someone with more priority. Swetha… I am in love with Neha.”

The words were so cold that Swetha could feel its bite. Gathering all the bits of her remaining calm, she sobbed and said.

“I don’t have any problem with that Rahul. But falling in love doesn’t essentially mean that you have to forsake your old friends”
“You have never fallen in love. What will you know about love, Swetha?”
Rahul’s words shattered her heart. She had never expected to hear this from the person she cared and loved the most. She quietly cut the phone. She shut her eyes tight and cried.

That night it rained.

Many attempts………

Now here’s a post I’ve been trying to put up since Saturday…. But everytime I put it up, something or the other goes wrong with my page!!!! And the best part is, the moment i un-publish it (that is, if i save it as a draft or delete the post) the page becomes fine again!!! Can’t figure it out….. maybe blogger doesn’t like what I have to say!!!
But what the heck, I’m posting it again…..
I was at this seminar on the 10th and 11th… it was a techie seminar on the way IT has and is changing India…. Oh no, I am not gonna bore u guys with thw details of who came and said what…. the reason I mention this seminar is – during his talk, one speaker said that management experts give many theories and models for bringing about changes. But the problem arises when we try to put them to practice! Isn’t that true? We read and hear about this theory and that, but while putting it to practice, well its another story all together.
So, this gentleman says that in the fifty odd years of his career, he has found that three models can be used to bring about the change in any sort os situation. So here, I want to share those three models with you!

Sleeping Beauty – This princess whom we know as sleeping beauty was put under a curse, and she went to sleep. But all that was needed to wake her was a kiss of love from her prince!

There are situations that can be changed by the slightest effort. Like a tree with low hanging fruits. All thats needed to do is strech out a bit, and you can pluck the fruit off the tree. A minimum effort with the right focus can easily bring about the change that we want.

My fair lady – Eliza was a poor flower girl who was transformed into a prim, high society lady by our hero. He changed her dressing style, her speech, her manner, her conduct and finally Eliza does pass off as a society lady!

When a large change is needed, its best to go step by step. Change one thing after another. And eventually, you will realise that a lot has changed. This is effective since only one thing is being changed at one time – there is lot of focus. And whatever progress you are making, is there for you to see. Winning each little battle to eventually win the war.
Michelangelo – Michelangelo was once asked how he manages to make such beautiful statues from stones. He said ” When I see a stone, I see a statue in it. I simply chip away all that is extra, and my statue is ready”
When you want to change something to something else, just get rid of all that is unwanted. And your block of stone will turn into a beautiful statue!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?