I thought I’d escaped… But apparently I haven’t! I’ve been tagged too! THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: After my Namkaran , it was Ankita Anksy or Anks is how I’m known in blogsville Anku or Anky is what my old school friends call meUh oh, that was five not three…. Hmm, so lets make up for it later! 😉 THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU HAVE HAD: Screen names? That as I understand it is the name of a character portrayed on the screen… I’ve never had screen names – but I’ve had stage names, in the school plays when I was

A thought….

Reports, processes, documents and meetings are keeping me a bit busy these days…. to add to that is my new story, ready in the mind……. a lot of it on blank sides of documents no longer useful….. I’ve got to organise those and complete typing out the whole thing…. And while all this has been eating up my time, my blogs been feeling a little left out….. So I write a thought that a friend of mine sent me Everybody wants heaven, But no one wants to die! Ironic, and simple, with a ring of truth in it…….. don’t you

Musical ramblings…..

Music is another one of my hobbies. But the lack of a respebtably sureeli awaaz, forces me to leave my vocal cords at peace and just be content with listening to music. And in the recent past, I’ve bought a lot of music and borrowed some from friends and recorded it. Point is that I have a lot of cassettes and CDs lined up that I haven’t really done justice to. The collection includes: Saathiyaa ( yeah, I  bought the album a few months back – really really late!) Veer-Zaara ( have heard it once, in about three sittings – and i must say, i was


I read this story once. There was a little town with a small population. All the people were going about their life, doing their work, content with a small town’s simple life. Then one day a guy gets married to rich man’s daughter from a big city. She brings with her a shining merc, and a host of gadgets and appliances which are essential for a luxurious lifestyle. Instantaly, the items became the talk of the town. And soon, all the townsfolk, perfectly happy with their lives were discontent. They suddenly found the money they had was not enough, the