AtoZ Blogging Challenge – Z for Zoom

Now I am not talking about photography here. When I say Zoom in the corporate reference, I mean perspective. The ability to look at things from a macro lens sometimes and a wide angle lens sometimes. Oops! Another photography reference 🙂 In our personal life as well, we are sometimes needed to focus on smaller things and at others to step back and look at the big picture. Same goes for the corporate world. In our daily grind we focus on tasks, calls, meetings, answering emails and sometimes just getting through the day! It is equally essential to step back

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – W for Women at Work

For the past few decades, women have been achieving more and more in the corporate world. We hear of women CEOs and don’t bat an eyelid. For several organisations, being led by a woman becomes a statement to be made in their favour. There is no doubt that are tremendous opportunities for women today. However, the sad truth of gender inequality is also a reality. There are myths associated with women workers that are so deep rooted that they have to be battled everyday! As a woman, we have to constantly prove our commitment to our work. People expect you

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – R for Resume

One of the first things you will do when you decide to have a career will be to write out a Resume or a CV. In the recruitment world, people use the terms Bio Data, Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Resume interchangeably. However, there is a clear difference between the three. A bio data starts out with personal information like date and place of birth, marital status etc. Then goes on to elaborate education and then experience in great detail. It is a descriptive essay really of who you are and what you have done. A CV is shorter than a

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – Q for Quality vs Quanity

Quality Vs Quantity is a constant battle faced by someone who has a shortage of resources. Even in our personal lives, we face this choice regularly. A shopaholic would understand this dilemma – one highstreet wardrobe workhorse or several trendy and cheaper pairs? In the corporate world where deadlines and deliverables are a way of life the quality vs quantity is an everyday tussle. And notice I say tussle here? Not struggle? In the ideal scenario, you’d want both. But the sad truth is quality work needs time and spending more time on a single piece of wok does mean

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – M for meeting

Meeting. A verb that has become a noun in the corporate world. Grammar trivia: Such words are called Gerunds. Okay okay, am not showing off. Coming back to meetings. Meetings are an essential part of corporate life. It is the time to solve problems, discuss ideas and agree on the path to be taken. Meetings are also the biggest contributor to unproductive time, especially long and disorganised ones. In a meeting room crammed with too many people with too many things to discuss, you can hope for half of them to participate. The other half would be busy doing something