AtoZ Blogging Challenge – L for leadership

“You need to develop your leadership skills” is probably the most used line in performance feedback discussions, especially when the employee in question has less than a decade’s experience. I remember a few friends who were in the same team discussing their first ever appraisal. Everyone of them was told the same thing by their boss. And that was, ‘learn to think like a leader. You need leadership skills to get ahead’. We all broke our heads wondering what leadership skills? And then one day I met Mr. Anil Ambani. Those two hours were a lesson in personality development for

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – K for KRA

KRA stands for Key Result Area. Basically it means the areas where the work needs to focus on. KRA setting is an important process in the organisation. Even more important is that each employee understands the process and the KRA. Broadly, the KRA setting for the next year begins somewhere in the last quarter of the current year. It starts at the very top. The Board and the Managing Committee would set the organisation’s KRA. That translates into KRA of the company’s leadership. This trickles down department by department right down to the last employee. Theoretically, this works brilliantly. Practically,

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – J for Jargon

Jargon refers to terminology that is specific to an industry or a trade. These are words and phrases that people in that industry understand and others may or may not know. Every industry, every country and a lot of companies have their own jargon. Something that we need to know not just to fit in but also to understand what is going on! There is bound to be Jargon used in business communication. That cannot be avoided. Jargon is also never documented. That is something people are just expected to know! When you are starting out in your career or

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – H for Human Capital

Human Capital or the people of an organisation are one of its biggest assets. It is more true in the service industries and IT industries. In these sectors it is literally the people who make up the organisation. When you are a part of a company or with a manager who values people, you can be sure you are in the right place. Organisations that value their human capital lay a lot of stress on training, learning and development. Be it upping the technical skills and obtaining certifications or developing soft skills and leadership skills. If your organisation offers these, grab

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – G for Growth

Career Growth is something that every career focused individual needs to focus on from the very start. There are several factors that contribute to growth. You can take the moral high ground and say, I will let my work speak for myself but sooner or later, you would get fed up. It is better to think about your growth from the beginning and quickly identify the levers   At the very start of your career, the work you do and the quality of your delivery  will be a bigger factor in your growth. As your experience grows, the weightage of