Why Are You Happy?

This Friday, the baby asked to be dressed in finery and be taken out for ice cream. When I did it late in the afternoon, she was practically bouncing in the mall! So I asked her, now you are happy?She says, Yes. I amI asked why are you happy, expecting to hear about the dress, the ice cream… The answer that came instead just shocked me.

Oh God, I don’t have any shoes!

My little one is two going on sixteen. Honestly, she needs her face packs, creams and lipsticks just like mommy. Her outfit has to match. Her accessories have to go with the outfit and she gets a pick of shoes every time we step out of the house. Dressing her up for playschool every morning is a definite challenge and loads of fun. Imagine having a doll to play dressup that has her own opinions 😀


We can be cruel without knowing it at times. Especially little kids. Because kids are so innocent, there acts of cruelty just can not be the result of maliciousness. For them, its one sweet game they are enjoying. If someone gets hurt in the process, oops! But chances are the kids won’t even realise that they are being cruel. Isn’t it upto the grown ups in their vicinity to tell them that their seemingly harmless fun is actually causing pain to someone? Now if you are wondering where i am coming from, let me tell you… There is a mosque