Hair Makeover and Review BBlunt Salon Secrets High Shine Creme Hair Colour

Hi everyone, how have you been? I have been missing for a while from blogsville and the online world in general. Well, life threw a couple of lemons at me and am glad I had people around to help me turn it into lemonade 🙂 So, back in July I had the opportunity to get a hair makeover courtesy JAMMs and BBlunt. It was quite an experience, a two day affair where I got my hair coloured on Day 1 and had a wonderful interaction with Adhuna Bhabani and mommies from around the city. My hair makeover was done using BBlunt Salon

Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine – My Experience and an Offer!

Why did I go for a Haircut at Jean-Claude Biguine? Well, it is a longish story. Sit back, relax and read 🙂 I have written quite a bit about my hair on the blog. My hairstyles story is a two-part series where I talk about my decade-long journey with different hairstyles. The rebonding experience is one of the most popular posts on this blog. My tryst with haircuts and hairstylists from 2011 is well documented! Why do I write so much about hair? Because I firmly believe that a good haircut can make or break your style. After my initial experience

My Hairstyles Story – Part 2

I shared part 1 of My Hairstyles Story yesterday. It had paused when my hair was damaged in the second straightening. I tried everything from weekly hair spas to serums and potions. They seemed damaged beyond repair. I had no choice then. I was forced to cut it short! There was nothing to do but wait for the entire damage part to grow out. I kept the length short and got bangs again… And then I cut my hair shorter. It had not been this short for two decades! Guess I was just eager to be rid of the damaged

My Hairstyles Story – Part 1

Over the last couple of years, I have had a string of different hairstyles. Some were my choice, some were the need of the hour. A sharing my story with you guys today… My extremely long hair phase. The fell a foot or so below my waist. I had it cut in layers once and would plait them everyday. They were extremely difficult to maintain. I had occasional good hair days like the one above but a string of bad hair days where they would look limp and lifeless. I debated with my self and then… …chopped off those long