Unfinished Story – The (un)Broken Dream

Here is a story I wrote some years back. The Indispire post this week talked about unfinished stories. I have tonnes of them. Do I plan to finish it? I am not sure… The day was warm, very very warm. It was just the beginning of October, a time when the Mumbai weather turned from pleasant to unbearable. Aseem was on his way back from a client’s place. It was a regular client meeting, with Aseem pitching in more services and products to increase revenue of his account and the client cribbing about the status of existing services. His car

Are eBooks not Real Books? #paperbackvsebooks

A book is a book. Does the physical form matter? Apparently, it does! I have heard a lot of people refer to paper books as real books and eBooks as… well… unreal books??? As someone who made the transition to ebooks with a lot of ease, I find this a bit strange. A book for me is about the content, the words, the story, the message of the author. Whether it gets printed on matte paper or glossy, whether it resides on a library shelf or a kindle, to me it is a real book. I have had friends who

A Traveller’s Dream

Almost everyone I have met likes to travel… some more than others! I have travelled a fair bit and done normal touristy things. So I thought of a fun list of off-beat travel choices at Airbnb, Here is my wishlist   A lighthouse in Australia – Imagine being on top of the world and waking up to awesome ocean views! Need I say more? Any Harry Potter fan would love to stay in a British Castle and imagine being a part of that magical world! The ultimate outdoor experience… living in a tree house! A real cave… converted into a

Yes or No: Is My Choice

Sex in itself is a Taboo in India… not only talking, but even doing it! There is a certain level of shame or embarrassment associated with it. Its ironic that this does not stop our population from exploding, but that is a topic for another day. Today, I want to say that if we call sex a taboo, you can imagine how we view pre-marital sex.      There a plenty of stories we have heard about arranged marriages being broken, about character assassinations and families shamed because their daughter is ‘not pure’. All of this demonstrates the society’s view