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What do we do?

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Sometimes, we don’t get what we want. Actually, it’s very often that we don’t get what we want. And we are completely helpless to do anything about it. Do we stop wishing then? Or do we carry our wish in our heart, a dim hope tucked away in a corner that the wish comes true; …

Monsoon Wedding!!!

Raindrops of Glass

Two of my friends are getting married today – to each other! And since it is raining Cats and Dogs, I can safely call theirs a Monsson Wedding! Hope they have a great life together…. Since I am not attending the wedding, a lot of my other friends are, I was thinking about them and …


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First it was Ricky and then it was Silky – both tagged me and gave me different alphabets! And the good girl that I am, I just cudn’t say no. So here it is, the alphabet taggie. M for Ricky and S for Silky… Mom – Everybody loves mom, and I am no exception! Me …