Random Ramblings and MACness

I am drawn to black these days. Black the colour. Specially when it comes to clothes. I realised that 4 of the 8 tops I took on a recent trip were black. And then I picked out a new black shirt. All without realizing it. Maybe I am going thru the fat girl syndrome. I just made that up. I am not aware of such a syndrome actually exists. So yes, I  acutely aware of all the unfitting clothes in my closet and dressing up every morning throws me into five minutes of depression. Just give minutes? Yeah, that’s all I

My first FOTD – Inspired by Mehak

Mehak of Peaches and Blush did a fab tutorial on dewy makeup. Dewy skin has always awed me and I have always been jealous of those with supple glowing cheeks. When I read mehak’s post today, I realised I could try this out. So, I did and I am not brave to put up before and after pics so just a few of them go here… So, what do you guys think? I feel that I need to good concealer and that I should stick to matte. I skipped powder and compact and my skin was oily in less than

You are never too old to learn!

We have heard this quote over and over again. have we not? Although learning gets difficult as we grow older, we need to keep learning. Specially in beauty! New skincare ideas, new makeup trends… there is so much to learn! Is there not? If you are dabbling with basic makeup, you need to start small. Get a hang of what suits you and what does not and then proceed with high end brands and experimental looks! Trust me, it is very very easy to go overboard and look garish! 🙁 I have found some excellent sources to learn about makeup


New cotton Tunic – 350 rupees Maybelline Mascara – 270 rupees Lotus Kajal – 120 rupees Soft Sole Sandals – 400 rupees     Still fitting into pre pregnancy jeans – Priceless!   Well into my third trimester now and the jeans weren’t maternity… well, they were stretch skinnies… still, I fit into them! yay… Vanity at its peak, ain’t it? But with more than half the clothes in my wardrobe rendered unwearable, this was definitely something to rejoice about…  🙂