11 #Instagram Accounts I Love

Are you an Instagram addict? I sure am… On days that I am not reading, I spend majority of my time going through my Instagram feed. I also feel that the fantastic filters and the simple interface helps elevate everyday mobile photography and also serves as a great place to showcase your photography skills. There are several gems I found here and I think you should totally check them out! 11 Instagram Accounts I Love DivsiGupta Divsi or Divyakshi is a professional photographer as well as blogger who loves Doors, Windows, Rugged landscapes and Food. On her Instagram account you

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Inn Keeper’s Daughter #OffSeason

It was December 2012 and we were in the town of Pelling in Sikkim. Just a day to go doe new year’s eve and the small hotel we were in was surprisingly empty. The manager of the hotel brought his little girl to work with him. She had the entire staff running about. What an advantage of the tourist Off Season 🙂   In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”  

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid #SanFrancisco

San Francisco is cloudy, foggy and misty. At least it was when I visited last July. It was peak summer in the rest of the northern hemisphere and there I was bundled up in my thick wool coat! In the midst of all that grey, I found moments of vivid colour and vivid beauty! Check out some of those moments out In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

Do you think one side of the face photographs better than another? #NaBloPoMo May 4

Today’s Prompt: Do you think one side of your face photographs better than another? About this question I am not sure! I used to believe that I do not photograph well. but a bit of reading up about posing and lighting changed that. Oh and makeup too. Makeup makes a LOT of difference when getting a good click done. Many girls favour a particular angle and side when being photographed. Why does one side of the face photographs better than another? I read up a bit about this and realised that this is not a myth! Research does show that one side