MAC Mehr – My Favourite MAC Lipstick

Anyone who dabbles with makeup would have heard of MAC Lipsticks. They are a cult favourite and for good reason! There has never been an occasion when a MAC Lipstick has failed me. I am a huge huge fan 🙂 Even though I am a lipstick collector (read hoarder) I have favourites that I keep going back to. One such colour is MAC Mehr. In fact, my mantra is When in doubt, wear MAC Mehr – Ankita Click To Tweet

Paheli, Not Progati

Since I have already taken a break from writing Progati, and done two taggies, I’ll continue it for now. (For those few of you who are following Progati – the remainder of the story still exists only in my mind- it has yet to be put on paper, or microsoft word for that matter!) So,what is this post about, if it is not about Progati? It is about Paheli. Shah Rukh Khan’s Paheli? Rani Mukherjee’s Paheli? Amol Palekar’s Paheli? No, its about a woman’s Paheli – Does she have the right to choose, to take a decision? And if she