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Stories August 28, 2015

One Rainy Evening – A #LoveInspiration Story

One Evening

Mia walked slowly on that mid-June evening, with clouds gathering and the wind picking up speed. Monsoon was expected, and the sudden change of weather did not bother anyone. In fact, the people of Mumbai were looking forward to it. Mia had left her office early that day. She had an appointment to keep. Till last week, she was a young, unmarried, carefree woman in her early thirties. She realized she could not be carefree anymore. What she was about…

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Stories June 12, 2015

The love story that never was

Young Couple

“See… I told you na ke iss hum tum ki jodi kabhi nahi ban sakti…. :'(” I read the message from my friend Kunj once more. I had just come out of a grueling two hour meeting and was surprised to see five missed calls and three messages. Kunj’s message was the first I read, and it didn’t make any Sense to me. I read the other messages. One was from Prachi and the other from Vidya. Both college friends.…

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Stories May 26, 2015

The Ten Hour Stopover


Pooja was on her way home. The end of yet another successful project. Yet another set of happy executives who had extracted their money’s worth from this assignment.Pooja worked for a Big 4 consulting firm. Soon after her MBA, she had joined them at the lowest rung. An outstanding student throughout, she had joined a premier MBAinstitute with dreams of outperforming everyone. That was when she got a rude shock. Everyone in her class was like her. Some were better.…

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Stories January 7, 2006

Kaya’s Story


Kaya was walking home from work one evening, when she suddenly became aware of the familiar sinking sensation in her stomach. Familiar because she had experienced it numerous times in her life. It was her intuition, a forewarning of something to come. Something big. Something important. Sometimes happy, sometimes not, but each time this sinking sensation had accompanied an event that would impact her life in a major way. And this one was to be the biggest of them all….…

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Stories November 23, 2005

Progati – The tale of Progress

“Have we really come to an age where we no longer differentiate between the sexes? Have we really given women their true position in our so-called well-educated and advanced society? No, we have not!    There are still those narrow minded and conservative people who believe that letting women of the family step out into the world is hazardous to their family’s honor. There are those who not only restrict the freedom of the women in their own family, but…

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