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I thought I’d escaped this one…but DJ tagged me!
Total Number of Books I Own –
Many! Never really sat and counted. Most of my books are my inheritence – inherited from my Dad (Along with the love of reading)
The Last Book I Bought –
I don’t buy many books. Most of the books that I own are either gifted tome, or like I mentioned above, inherited from Dad! But I did buy one recently. It was a Dan Brown – Digital Fortress.
The Last Book I Read – That would be digital Fortress again. Although I have started another one- The Scarlet Pimpernel.
Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me –
Well, I read Fiction, Fiction and only fiction 🙂
The Potter series – These have to be at the top of the list. J K Rowling’s potrayal of the magical world is so convincing that you almost begin to believe it exists. Everything about the potter series is unique – right from her long winded sentences to the extremely believable characters. Her attention to detailing is immense and her innovation can be seen in everything – right from spells and chants (no abra-ka-dabra here. We have alohomora to open locks, Winguardium leviosa to leviate objects and lumos to radiate light from wands!) to curses and charms (cheering charms, silencing charms, bat-bogey hexes!) to magical sport (Qudditch!) its all there in her books. And the best part is, each one of her books is deeply interwined with the others, and yet are complete in themselves.
The Fountainhead – I read this book long ago….. long long ago….. but I still remember what Howard Roark taught me – you don’t need to fit in. Your uniqueness is your biggest asset. Believe in yourself and you can quonqer the world. Ayn Rand weaves in and out of philosophy and story in this fantastic book of hers. A must read. (I haven’t read the other acclaimed Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged, but I did manage to read a play by her – It goes by the name of The Night of January 16th, and is simply awesome. I vaguely recall a Zeenat Amaan – Shekhar Kapur starrer based on this play)
The Rainmaker – This is my favorite John Grisham work. Though I have read many of his novels, the tale of Rudy – the young rookie lawyer remains my all time favourite. Its laced with believable characters – his over enthusiastic business partner, his 80 yr old landlady and the victim of domestic abuse who he falls in love with. If you read this book and like it, please don’t watch the movie. They’ve butchered the story. I only tolerated it because of Matt Damon!
Love Story – The Classic Segal. The tale of Jenny and Oliver that I read again and again and again……
Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons – They are teamed as one because they are a series. The web of fact and fiction that Dan Brown weaves leaves the reader spellbound. These two books are page-turners all the way. Robert Langdon as the celebrity symbologist professor hops all over France, England and Italy, either saving the world, or his own hind!
Here, I would like to mention Deception Point and Digital Fortress too – Though being the stuff that best sellers are made of, they pale out in comparison to the Langdon series.
Incidentally, Dan Brown has a fixation for D – All his novels begin with that alphabet. And going by his books, the fixation extends to murders, mysterious codes and gorgeous women with IQs over 170!
Lord of the Rings – The mammoth tale of magic, mystique and triumph. Though boring at times, the completion of this saga definately gave me a satisfaction of having completed the book!
The works of Sheldon – I am a huge fan of Sheldon. i love not just his books, but also his series I Dream of Jeanie. My fav Sheldons – The Other Side of Midnight, Memories of Midnight and Tell Me Your Dreams. I just love the powerful women characters he creates. I just love the mystery he maintains throughout. I just loves the way he continually leads the readers to believe one thing throughout the book – only to stump them in the end!
Five Point Someone – Chetan Bhagat’s foray into writing. A world of young adults. Its funny, realistic, and pretty much captures the life in an engineering college – Right from overload of assignments and quizzes to rotten canteen food!
To Cut A Long Story Short – Though I’m not a huge fan of Archer, I’ve enjoyed reading his short stories
And finally, all the kiddie books I’ve read – Right from Tinkle to Archies, from Nancy Drew to Hardy Boys, from Famous Five to Animorphs – I’ve relished them all.
Five Books I Want to read (This is a section that I have introduced!)-
The diary of Anne Frank
The world according to Gwarp
Kane and Abel
The Prodigal Daughter
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