Lifestyle January 17, 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

For all of you who left birthday wishes in my comment box and my orkut homepage – A BIG THANK YOU!

And if you’ve been wondering where the hell I disappeared in this period, I was away on vacation. Where, how, when are the questions that’ll get answered in the subsequent posts. For now, a resolution check – just to see how I have been faring in the 8 resolutions I made this new year…

  1. Drink Water – About 5 – 6 glasses from 2 – 3. An improvement definitely
  2. Blog more – Well, I’ve been on vacation and there was no net connection. So couldn’t help it!
  3. Complete my stories – Errr… Ummm….
  4. Try poetry again – Did this. I mean I tried. The thoughts were disconnected and the words didn’t gel together. The result – pathetic
  5. Take care of myself – Trying this. It takes a hell of an effort to not neglect the fitness and dietary needs of one’s body. And I have a long way to go…
  6. Spend time with loved ones – I guess 11 days x 24 hours gives me a perfect 10 on this one!
  7. Not fake smiles – Did this only when absolutely necessary (At times it is!)
  8. Do things on time – So far, so good!

Not bad huh? What do you say?

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