The Indian Housemaid Story

The Indian Housemaid Story

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Have you ever heard that The Indian wife cares more about her housemaid than her husband? Well… that is actually true. Every morning is a waiting game where the heartbeat rises every minute… “Will She? Won’t She?”

We are talking about the maid turning up here obviously! When frantic phone calls go unanswered, the irritated lady of the house makes it to the kitchen, muttering curses under her breath. Every time the doorbell rings, she prays it is the maid. Alas, her prayers go as unnoticed by the lord as thousands of struggling actors queuing outside film city for a break.

The next day when she turns up… seems like rain on an arid desert. Like roses blooming in the snow… the wife is happy, she does not scream or shout at anyone throughout the day. Not even at the kids when they create a mess on the living room floor. She merely summons the housemaids to clean it up!

And next morning, it is the same story all over again…. That ladies and Gentlemen, is The Indian Housemaid Story!!

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  1. Seeya

    And the horror call when the maid calls early morning to announce that she won’t come for work and calls in sick!! The entire day of the Wife goes topsy turvy and evening finds her complaining to everyone she finds that her maid didn’t turn up and how she had to handle the entire house and how unclean it is. No maid for a day and house becomes dirty. This I have seen everywhere.

  2. Anamika Agnihotri

    The part of my life I spent living at my mother’s place and subsequently at the in – laws place, the story used to be the same as you have described in the post – endless waits and just one look at the piled up dishes in the sink would make the ladies of the house go sick. Thankfully presently I have a maid who may not do squeaky clean work but never takes a day off without informing in advance. I believe she is a God sent angel in my life hahaha

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