The Morning Bustle

Mornings are the best time to look out of one’s windows I believe. Especially in  the cooler months. There is something about the crisp morning air of the feeble Mumbai winter that just awakens you and fills you with immense optimism and hope for the day to come. I also love mornings for all the activity I see below.

There is a constant stream of yellow school buses and vans entering the complex gate. Little kids in their adorable uniforms half walking half running as the parents attempt to reach the bus stop on time. Makes me wonder why we had such boring whites, blues and browns as uniforms growing up.  The kids today wear bright tees and denim shorts to kindergarten 🙂

A little to the left is a temple. The sounds of the bell reverberate and even manage to reach my apartment high up in the air. The pujari blows the shankh just before puja and I can hear that as well. People are constantly going in and out of the temple. The ladies walk fast, coz the temple visit is yet another morning chore that needs to be done while readying the children for school and packing lunch for the husbands. The men seem to take their time around the temple. Perhaps they are trying to find a few moments of solitude before the madness of the day hits them. I realise I am generalising here, but this is how I am conditioned to look at them!

And then I spot the runners and the walkers. Some are solo. Some have company. Some walk alongside another in companionable silence while some chat away to glory. I also spot a toddler, all of two years old, walking with his dad. He takes quick little steps to catch up with him and having seen the little chap, I know that he is constantly talking to his father in babynese. Adorable little fellow with his long curly hair, night suit and pink shoes.

The garden is full of people exercising. I see people doing yoga, stretches and even meditation. Toward the far left, a group of boys are playing cricket as sounds of the laughter club reach my ears. They compete with the temple bells and sometimes manage to drown out the sound with their united effort.

The sun has now managed to reach above the tall buildings and is bathing everything in the early morning glow. I spot pigeons now and wonder where they are going. The pair of eagles who made a nest on the opposite buildings parapet fly around in circles. I am soaking all this in as the alarm rings. Time to go it says. I know, I reply and head into the house to get my warpaint on and face the day ahead…

This post is a result of an early morning challenge given by Sid. UK too has posted his morning observations here. 


11 thoughts on “The Morning Bustle”

  1. I had this similar experience. I wasn’t busy but saw how ppl went on with their daily chores. It was as if they were racing to catch up with time and I had all the time in the world.

  2. Splendid. Loved reading every bit of it. Elegantly narrated. Also, it is such a similar setting as mine. My society/building is laid out similarly, with the temple nearby, the timely rung resonating bell, the school children visible from the window, as my window opens up to the main pathwalk that connects the main road. I almost thought for a second that you live in Nana Chowk, in a building next time mine where you get the same view as me. haha.

  3. You know Ankita these little ones in baby suits they form such cute sights always 🙂 And your post put me back to my morning musings which unfortunately were totally missing today 😐

  4. Hehe.. I saw this pic before the others since I too had posted the pic of our morning view in Spamville. It struck me how everyone else had a view of life from the top of a multi story apartment while I was in the middle of literally a jungle 🙂
    The description here just is the icing on the cake… making the image pop out to the reader.

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