Adhuna Bhabhani’s Tips and Tricks for Coloured Hair

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Hi my lovelies, last year I was invited for a hair makeover at BBlunt. If you have seen that post, you probably know that post the makeover we had a fun filled event. It’s highlight was interaction with Adhuna Bhabhani, founder of BBlunt. Adhuna introduced the whole range of hair care products and then took on lots of audience queries. The questions ranged from everything from hair care to hair styling to hair colouring. She shared a lot of information especially around managing hair colour. Here are Adhuna’s tips and tricks for coloured hair.

Get a stylist to review your hair before you colour

She said this is very important. A stylist would review your hair’s current condition and recommend if it is in the right condition to be coloured. Adhuna was very candid in saying that hair colour is but a chemical and any chemical treatment would cause some sort of damage to the hair. So, she recommends that even if you are going to do a DIY job with a home colouring kit, a stylist can evaluate whether your hair is strong enough for the colouring. Of course, this would have to be your regular stylist so you can trust their opinion. She also said that you’d need to go to a reputable salon so they’d give you the right advice for your hair and not worry about simply getting more business from you. Now, I agree with this. We have all been in the situation where our friendly neighbourhood parlour recommends tonnes of hair treatments even if we are just making the monthly waxing visit.

Don’t pile on a lot of chemical treatments on your hair

Now this is complimentary to the point above. So, why did I add this as a second point? Because Adhuna specifically pointed out that when we do one treatment after another, we can end up causing irreparable damage to the hair. Certain types of treatments that are deemed nourishing may not sit well with your current condition or colour. This is especially true if you colour your hair often. So doing one treatment after another is akin to piling load on your hair. If you do decide to do multiple treatments one after another, then let your stylist advise you on what treatments are complimentary and what is the best order to do them.

Tips and Tricks for Coloured Hair

Have a long term colour strategy

Now this came as a shocker! While Adhuna came across as a big advocate of trying things, she advises not to be impulsive and experimental all the time. She said that if you are going for a drastic colour change, then you must have a plan in place  about how you are going to maintain it. She said planning the transition from your natural or current hair colour to something totally different may not give the desired effect in one go. You’d could need multiple transitions to get the end result in mind. Once you get there, how it will blend with your natural hair growth and how you’d maintain it in the long term is something you need to think in the long term. It makes sense right? If you are a brunette going blonde, then you’d need touch-ups every few weeks at at the very least. Also, how you’d transition back to your natural hair colour is something you need to know.

Our hair needs UV protection too

A new thing I learnt thanks to Adhuna’s session on tips and tricks for coloured hair was that skipping sunscreen is not just a skincare sin, it is also a haircare sin. Now, did you know that? Sun exposure can cause as much damage to hair. However, we don’t realise that sun can be a cause. Adhuna recommends that we choose products that will protect your hair from environmental factors. Of course she spoke highly of the BBlunt suite of products that will do this for various hair types.

Lastly, she did stress on having fun with your hair

Her closing advice was to shed inhibitions and have fun. Try new things with your hair. It is hair. Even if something goes wrong, you can cut it and it will grow back! Trust me on this one. I have been there. You can read more about it in my Hair Story series.

So what did you think of Adhuna’s tips and tricks for coloured hair? I found them quite useful, especially the long term strategy one. Earlier, I would just pick any DIY hair colour kit but am quite conscious of the brands and shades I choose now. In fact, I am okay for the grey to show in between colouring if I have not found the right colour. What about you guys? Do you guys have any tips and tricks to share with me?

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  1. Wow that’s some really useful list. I colored my hair once and got a shocking reaction from my inlaws. Well, it was a copper streak which I turned out to be yellow, and I didnt like it myself. People at office were quite thrilled with the makeover so I am totally confused. You are right about consulting a stylist for sure. Hair care is more important so completely agree to uv protection

  2. I keep planning and keep dropping the idea to colour my hair. But after reading these tips might just go for it;after all as u said it will grow back even if something goes wrong.

  3. This is a super helpful post!! Was planning to get my hair coloured next week, n this comes just in time! Thanks for the tips! Now will not go for something drastic I can’t maintain

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