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twists of fate

I was recently introduced to The Book Club and I will be forever thankful to Nilima for having done so. I instantly connected with the like minded individuals who loved books and the wonderful community is a motley collection of book lovers, bloggers and authors. They go a long way to promote new authors and Indie authors. Since I see myself in that space soon, I am all for supporting them. Hence ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Twists of Fate by Priyanka Naik.

Twists of Fate
Priyanka Naik


Priyanka who is from the land of sun and sand aka Goa is a doctor by profession and a writer at heart. She runs her own clinic where she consults as General Physician and Diabetologist. Priyanka is a perfectionist by nature and a gypsy by habit. She is a realist by design and a dreamer by default. She is sometimes jaded and sometimes overtly optimistic. All this makes her quite a paradox trying to figure out her role in the grand scheme of things. Priyanka has won several elocution competitions during her school days and has had her poems and articles published in newspapers and magazines. Like me, she has been a blogger for a long time.. twelve years now and it is the love of her readers and friends that has inspired her to publish Twists of Fate. She believes everybody who has a story to tell deserves a chance to be heard. Priyanka has faith in the power of words and celebrates the magic of bonds (like the one already formed between you and her) that exist despite time, space and lack of physical proximity. Winner of the ‘Literary Diva 2015’ Award, she owes her success to the love of her readers and an undying passion to express her thoughts. Besides reading and writing, her other interests include travelling and music. Doesn’t she sound like an interesting person?

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Twists of Fate

Here is the blurb of her book –

As kids, we thought grown-ups had so much fun. How we wished we could grow up fast. If only we knew what we were wishing for. Three pieces of a soul, they’d call themselves soul sisters and this is their journey, a journey through the lives of three best friends who accidentally reunite after a decade long disconnection. A round of startling revelations later, the three realize that life is indeed unpredictable. However, in this world of uncertainty, there is just one thing they can still be sure of their friendship! With secrets confessed, pain shared, tears shed and troubles discussed, they help find answers to each other’s problems, just like old times. Each has a lesson to learn from the other, a story to tell, a reason to say ‘I’m sorry’ and a reason to say ‘Thank you’. Has destiny brought them together to complete the picture? Will they succeed in finding the missing pieces? Can every twist of fate be interpreted in just one way? Join Sharvari Joshi, Parizaad Sethna and Nandini Mazumdar in a nostalgic journey from girlhood to womanhood. ‘Twists of Fate’ promises to be a roller coaster ride of emotions that will captivate the reader’s heart and leave him pondering on life, fate and all its conspiracies.

So people, if that sounded interesting, you can pick up your copy at

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