The Violet Box: Unboxing and Mini Review

The Violet Box Jan 2017

The Violet Box is a new (to me) beauty subscription box that started in early 2016. Yogita, who is the founder & CEO of The Violet Box had an idea while she was studying at the London School of Economics. She was inspired from the lifestyle & culture in London and her idea was to have a beautiful luxury box that women could use to feel pampered. The Violet Box has organic & vegan beauty products. As a bonus, it includes treats like gourmet teas, coffees & chocolates.

The Violet Box Unboxing

I thought it would be more fun to talk to you guys and show you the products as I unbox The Violet Box. So here it is… my first, beauty guru style youtube video…! Check it out and let me know what you think…

The Violet Box Review

Like I said in the video, this box contains the following:

The Violet Box Jan 2017: Full Size Beauty Products

  1. Fuschia Activated Charcoal Scrub – 100gm
  2. Fuschia Lavender & Calendula Face Gel – 100gm
  3. Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Footcream – 100gm
  4. EL Paris Nail Lacquer
  5. Bdel Citrus Hand Sanitizer

The Violet Box Jan 2017: Deluxe Samples

  1. Wild Earth Rose Shower Gel – 30gm
  2. Wild Earth Almond & Saffron Moisturizer – 30 gm

The Violet Box Jan 2017: Other Stuff

  1. 7 Piece Manicure & Pedicure Tool Set with Nail Scissor, Nail Clipper, Nail Cleaner, Cuticle Pusher, Cuticle Trimmer, Nail File and Tweezer
  2. Cambridge Tea Party – Lime & Lemongrass Green Tea – 5 servings

The price of all thse is about INR 2500 and you can buy the box for INT 749. You can see that most of the things this box has are full sized samples. I love this fact due to two reasons:

  • You can really test the product over time and know if it works for you or not. If it works, there is enough product to see a difference! If it did not work and you give it away to a friend, there is enough for them to try out too. It is not like you are giving away half tube of a luxe sample.
  • Most high street brands will give you satches for free. I think we hesitate to ask but when I have asked, stores like Sephora and Kiehl’s have happily given different samples depending on my skin and hair type. Getting just those in a beauty box does seem a bit of a let down. So a beauty box full of full sized products just stands out for this one quality.

From March 2017, The Violet Box will be revamped into an international bi-monthly box. This means that the box will be shipped every two months, and will contain 10 to 12 products that will last till the next one arrives. It will also ship internationally so you can easily send some love to your friends and family overseas.

Another amazing thing is that for every box sold, The Violet Box donates a month’s period essentials to girls in need. I think this is a great initiative and cause to align to.

The Violet Box Final Thoughts

The Indian market has many beauty boxes to choose from. I have tried some for extended periods of time and realised that that beauty boxes can be a hit or a miss. However, if you love trying out new products and like to keep changing your routine, this is a great way to experiment. The Violet Box focuses on Organic and Vegan products and will be great if you like to get excellent value for money.

If you wish to sign in, just hop over to The Violet Box site!

Also, what did you think about my video? Did you like it? Do leave your comments here or on the youtube channel. I would love to know what you think 🙂

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated by The Violet Box for it. I was however sent the complimentary box to review. The views expressed in this post are my own.

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