Writing Vs Blogging

I began this blog as a writer… to write. But somewhere along the way, the lifestyle blogger overtook the writer. So between Must Have Accessories of Working Mothers and Tips to Choose Day Cares and Review of the likes of Ruby Woo, the writer got left far far behind. I tried to remedy that with NaNoWriMo last year but the manuscript lay idle for a good six months before I picked it again.

“I want to write a book though… this blog was a means to the end… and if it distracts me from writing the book, I should blog less.” Thoughts like these have been playing in my mind for weeks now. The result of that has been that I have been blogging less. But contrary to what are thinking, I have not even been able to work on the book. Offline life events have kept me busy…!

So this morning I thought if giving up on the blog was worth it. I spent a lot of time and effort to nurture it. Yet, the content seems a bit irrelevant to what blogs these days really are. Being friends with some awesome bloggers, I am clearly able to see how  my writing and my content is not in the same league. And then I thought of all the books I read where I cringed at the uninspired writing or half baked plots. Every single time I told myself I can do better. The ideas I have for my books, are different. I think they are good and I really really want to write and get them published. Now will these contradicting and conflicting thoughts, I am at a standstill – where I am neither blogging nor writing! sigh…

Need my mojo back!


3 thoughts on “Writing Vs Blogging”

  1. This sounds all-too familiar, Ankita. All I know is that one of the biggest creativity killers is comparison. You have a unique voice, and no one else on the ‘net has your exact content or ideas. Try (and it’s not easy) to put some imaginary blinders on, and focus on what you want to create, and not how you perceive it compares to everyone else. Sending good mojo thoughts to you!

  2. Advice is the worst thing to give someone grappling with so many thoughts. But as someone who cares for you, the first thing I’d say is stop beating yourself about it. Second, never compare yourself with others. (unless you are competing for the same assignments) Blogging and writing are two different things and need different approaches, although there are writers who have straddled both worlds and continue to do so. I’ll drop you an email with thoughts.

  3. One thing I can say for sure for either blogging or writing – you have to be active, else it won’t do much in the market/with the audience.

    Hope you get back in rhythm soon!

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