Alternate Careers

Ever since the year began, I have been thinking about alternate careers. I am wondering what life would have been had I actually followed one of my crazed ideas and steered away from the “safe” engineering option. I have imagined various scenarios and here are a few that seem worth recounting…

Woman Writer

Now this seems like the most logical one. Doesn’t it? I have advocated my love for writing often and I know that the biggest obstacle in my way is my own laziness. The dream is very much alive and I am hoping and praying with all my heart that I fulfill it

Radio Jockey
I have been told on various occasions that I have a nice voice. Though I can’t carry a tune to save my life, I can talk. And I do love music… In my teens, I lived on FM radio. I totally fantasised about having a radio show of my own. it would be about the various moods that songs can bring about. One day I’d play upbeat, dance worthy numbers. The second day, I’d do romantic ones. Then a couple of sad ones and then the inspirational ones. And I’d weave a story around them… see, I have a format ready!!!

Me at Darjeeling

Travel & Food Show Host
Blame TLC and Fox Traveller for this! I may not be the best looking chic in front of the camera, but I bet that my enthusiasm would make up for lack of visual appeal. Everytime I see a travel or food show, I imagine myself being there and experiencing it all. The idea of a food walk greatly appeals to me. I even braved 10 days of mountain roads in December to go sight seeing in Sikkim and Darjeeling. I believe that you truly live in the moments that exhilarate you. Travelling provides ample opportunities for that. Imagine making a career of it!! And food? Well, I am a crazy foodie… need I say anymore?

I think these are enough for now…. so what are your alternate careers? Have you ever fantasised about doing something else???

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