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Books July 24, 2017

150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep Young Minds Fit and Fine #BookReview

150 Brilliant Ideas Neera Maini

As the life skills coach, author Neera Maini Srivastav understands the common issues faced by teenagers. She also understands that this is the age where parental communication can break down causing a rift between the parent and child. Often, this is the cause of teenage rebellion. While the parents may be saying the right thing, they may not be saying it the right way. This book puts forth the ideas in a succinct and non-preachy way. I can imagine why…

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Books July 24, 2017

Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti #BookReview

Bhrigu Mahesh Book

Author Nisha Singh pays homage to Literature’s most famous Private Investigator in her series Bhrigu Mahesh. Just like her muse, her own protagonist is a loner, has a deep insight of human nature and also has a scribe cum sidekick who is totally in awe of him. Read on to know what I think about her attempt to Indianise the mighty Holmes. Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti: What I Liked Right up front, what I liked is that…

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Lifestyle July 17, 2017

What is the Big Deal about Period Leave?

What is the big deal about period leave

Ever since a Mumbai based agency declared Period Leave, everyone and their aunt have been talking about it. Feminists, Anti Feminists and non feminists have been airing their views on social media. There were the debates calling this move regressive. So many women cited instances of doing important meeting and stuff in their period or the last few days of pregnancy and said they don’t need a period leave. Instance about rural women working in fields were given and Period…

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Books Lifestyle July 16, 2017

Just Me, The Sink and The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh #BookReview

Just Me, The Sink and The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh Book cover

 Hola people, I am back with yet another book review. The book in question today is Just Me, The Sink and The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh. This book is a memoir of sorts, written from the point of view of a teenage girl who is overweight. Set in Kolkata, the book depicts the school life as remembered by the protagonist. What I liked The writing quality is very good. Unlike a lot of self published debut novels I have read, this…

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Food Parenting July 7, 2017

The Two States Laddoo – power packed nutrition for your baby


While I have lived in Mumbai for most of my formative years, my upbringing has been decidedly North Indian. That was true for the food too. Breakfast was a steady stream of Parathas for years till we complained about the amount of Ghee we were consuming on a daily basis. Our every day food was hearty Punjabi fare. I still remember the time my mother discovered a shop that sold authentic amritsari wadis. She was delighted and we had wadis…

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