Embracing The Sari: #MicroblogMondays

The new year began with me being sick again and by the time I was back in my feet, social and blog posts wishing happy new year were meaningless. That unplanned hiatus led me to realise that I did not need to spend as much time on social media as I had been. As a result, I am spending much less time on Facebook now, logging in once every two or three days. I am on Instagram and occasionally on twitter, so if you have been keeping up there, you know I have worn saris twice this year already! If you have not, why why why? Follow me on Insta and Twitter now!!!

Ankita Pink Sari

So, why is wearing sari a big deal for me? First, I love wearing them but hardly ever do. So twice in a month is actually pretty great considering sometimes I wear them twice in a year! Also since I am grappling with fluctuations in weight, sari is the only garment that I feel truly beautiful in… sigh!

5 Lessons I Learnt From NaNoWriMo


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This year, I did not complete the NaNoWriMo. At the beginning of November, I was so so sure that I would nail it this year. I had a story line with the plot twists and turns, characters straight in my head  and even the book cover down.

In the first three days, I did more then 5k words… then…. came travel, injuries, sickness and distractions… all of these stood their ground in blocking my way and kept me away from completing it. On 30th November, I knew I could not complete it and gave up. I was heart broken. The impact of this failure was so much that I fell sick. Physically sick. I spent the day lying up curled in my bed and was throwing up every few minutes. No, it was not a good place to be in.

Not knowing what was bothering me and attributing it to bad posture and unhealthy eating, I went off to work the next day. It was a long, mad and satisfying day at work. The morning after, I was sick again and wondering why. I realised that my eating was erratic, my posture was consistently bad but that is something I have dealt with before. What kept bothering me this time is the constant nagging thought at the back of my head that I did not complete my draft this year. Was my falling sick a sign self inflicted misery at a metaphysical level?

I do not know. What I do know is that the story I wrote last year is half crap. The manuscript lies discarded and the characters do not speak to me anymore. This year, I wanted quality too. May be that is what I did wrong. Maybe I am not meant to write a novel in 30 days. Maybe this is what it means to fail. Once I was done wallowing in this misery I told myself that I have yet to find the writing style that is best suited to me. I am experimenting to see that works for me and what does not. There is nothing wrong in failing at something if you are able to bounce back and give it another shot. There is nothing wrong in not being successful in your attempt if you learn fom each attempt and do things differently. That is what I plan to do. Here is what I have learnt from attempting the NaNoWriMo in 2015 and 2016

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#TBT A Lighter Me


Throwback to when I had bangs, and many many kilos less on the frame!


Don’t Ask if You Don’t Want To Know

Picture this. It is 8.50 am and you have just entered office for a 9.00 am meeting. Before heading into the meeting room, you want to pop into the pantry for a quick cup of coffee. You have a long day ahead of you and already thoughts about your meeting and the long to-do list later and swirling about in your head. At the pantry you meet a colleague. As a knee jerk reaction, you say, “Good Morning. How are you?” and then move on to fill that coffee mug.

Have you done this? If yes, take a pause. Take a pause and think.

Now if your colleague, in an equally knee jerk reaction style responds, “I am fine. How are you?” and proceeds to get their own fill of coffee, nothing is lost really. However if they looked at you with a pained expression and said, “Not good. My dog died last night” would you have gone and given them a hug. Or if they exclaimed with sparkling eyes, “I am great. My band landed a gig at the local cafe for this weekend!” would you have shook hands and wished them all the best? Some may have, but many would have not. In most cases, this is what happens. You asked a question. Immediately, without waiting for a response, you move on. Physically, you move on to the next task so you are not looking at your colleague when they answer. Mentally you move on to the next big thing that needs doing. In the scenario above, you have gone back to the meeting slides or the to-do list and probably you do not even hear what your colleague has said.

This is not an uncommon scenario. At work, I have seen this happen at least thrice a week. Sometimes I am the one who the question is directed to, and at others, I am the one asking the question. For about a month now, I have been keenly observing this kind of interaction and getting increasingly irritated by it. Why do we ask this question if we do not care to know the answer?

A smile, a nod of the head or a simple Good Morning is enough to acknowledge colleagues. Why start small talk if none of the two are interested in carrying it on?   I just don’t get the need to ask these questions if you don’t care to know the answers. Ruchita, a friend of mine who is based out of London once told me that she was one of the few who would genuinely ask people all about their lives. She said she even knew the names of the dogs of her co workers. Perhaps that is what makes her a great story teller. I digress! Point is, it is okay to just greet people and move on with whatever you are doing. When you talk, have a real conversation. If you do not have the time or the inclination, don’t talk.

Don’t ask if you don’t want to know!

It’s Not That Simple on Voot

Its Not That Simple

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That title did not mean Voot is not simple, it is simply a new show on Voot titled.. It’s Not That Simple.

Marriages are not simple. Each marriage has it’s own learning curve, it’s own adjustments, contentment and discomfort. Now you throw unhappiness and an affair in the mix. What do you get? Well, It’s Not That Simple…

The show, as you saw in the trailer is a six part web series. I was invited to the media launch of the show last week and we saw the first episode. We saw Meera, an educated housewife who has put her child above her career. At this point in her life, she is in an unhappy marriage. The story is definitely intriguing and the production value is so good, it is almost like a film. Visually, the series looks great. I loved the camera work with the low angle shots, the fades. From the cast, I really liked Akshay Oberoi. Hopefully, we will see more of him in the rest of the episodes. The lady who takes the cake though – Swara Bhaskar portrays this with such effortlessness that you start to think this is her own life playing out on the screen. You can see the child-woman in there and you feel for her.

Its Not That Simple Swara Bhaskar

The writing must be applauded. Such real life scenes, dialogues and reactions! No over the top drama.

The show did make you question though, about choices – an unhappy marriage or the perfect affair? There are tonnes of books and movies about marital infidelity and so the subject of It’s No That Simple is nothing new. What is different though is that it is set in today’s times and talking about things you and I can relate to. It is non judgemental and does ask questions from a woman’s point of view. At the same time, it is not preachy or showing the men in a bad light. This is the kind of content I want to watch. Sadly, conventional TV does not give it me so I have downloaded the app Voot on my cell and am following the series there. In case you want to watch it online, here is the weblink to the series.

Have you checked it out yet? What do you think?

I am leaving you all with a few images from the launch event.