Kuhu telling a story Colgate

Once Upon a Time… A #SocialExperiment

I love stories. My love for stories and reading is the one things I have wanted to pass on to my daughter for sure. So, from a very young age, […]


Monetising Your Blog via Blogmint

When I began blogging back in 2004, it was simply a new platform of expression. It became a community of people who wrote well and formed a mutual admiration society. […]

Dance with the Corporate Ton

A Dance with the Corporate Ton by Lata Subramanian #BookReview

Plot of A Dance with the Corporate Ton A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant is an autobiographical account of author Lata Subramanian’s professional life. It […]

Me and Dad

When #LaundryGoesOddEven

In most Indian households, men doing housework is odd, more so when the man in question is your elderly father in law! I am one of the blessed few who […]

Kerala Vacation Diary

Poovar – A Dream Holiday Living on Water

I am a complete water baby. The only form of physical exercise I really enjoy is swimming and a vacation for me means being near water. Anything else is well… […]

KidZania JAMMs Group

Mothers Day Out – at KidZania

KidZania is a role play based indoor activity centre for kids. It allows children to participate in various activities and experience being an artist, a pilot, a dentist, a fireman […]

The double chocolate mousse with strawberry chilli jam Eat Pray Love

A Dessert With A Twist #FoodVentures

That I am a foodie is no secret really. I love food and I love to try new cuisines and dishes. My preferences though generally veer toward savoury dishes. I […]

Rushina APB Cook Studio

A Book Reading, A Cooking Demo & A Book Exchange

Well this blog post title was quite a mouthful! Wasn’t it? When the event was action packed like this… it deserves a title like that!! I learnt about this event […]

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