4 Ways to Style a Blue Coat

4 ways to style a blue wool coat

You read it right! My Diwali look post made me aware that it has been a while since I wrote about beauty and fashion and was really missing doing those posts. So today, I am going to share my experience of styling a thick woollen coat. Having lived all my life in Mumbai, I had almost no experience of a proper winter. I had a great fascination for winter wear though. Who wouldn’t? Those long coats, the high boots.. they instantly glam one up. I bought a brown coat when I first moved to Delhi. It was a flattering cut, the colour was versatile and it served me well for a few years. However, being the lover of colour that I am, I wanted a brighter coat and a thicker one too.

During my North East trip in 2012, my leather jacket sleeve tore and so, I bought myself a long, thick wool coat in the most gorgeous blue and dark blue pattern. The only other option then was a drab black coat and I decided to chuck practicality out of the window and follow my instinct. The only things I looked for are good quality material, a good finishing and lots of warmth. I am so pleased I made that decision. This coat has been my faithful companion on all my travels so far. Here are some ways I have styled it.

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Ethnic Indian Look This Diwali

Diwali is the time of the year, besides Karwachauth that I bring out all my traditional finery. This year, on an impulse I decided to wear a sari. I had picked out this silk Paithani many years ago and finally opened it up this year in Diwali. Since this was an impulse, I did not have a matching maroon or green blouse ready so paired it with a dull golden blouse. This blouse has been so handy whenever I want to wear saris on an impulse (which generally is the case with me) that I am now thinking of getting a silver, black and multi coloured brocade one a well!

Ethnic Indian Look

Our Diwali celebration was simple. As always, we were going to do the pooja at home and light a few sparklers. So I kept the makeup simple and quick. A wash of gold eye shadow by Hard Candy, a big round bindi, sindoor and lipstick. Ah, the lipstick. When I was looking for the best lip colour to go with the sari, I realised I did not have a single maroon one. I ended up mixing a blue based red with a brown red brick colour to come up with a shade that went with the look. It is not a true match but I think it goes. What do you guys think?

Ethnic Indian Look

Did you sport a special ethnic look this Diwali? Do share!

The Linen League

The Linen League

The first time I heard of Linen shirts for men was when I saw a huge hoarding of designer Rohit Bal. This was a few years ago and he was launching or probably endorsing a brand that made linen shirts for men. Up until that point, I only knew of linen as a fabric used by women; that too for extremely casual clothing. That was the first time I saw linen in mainstream fashion. The hoarding claimed exclusivity and the message the ad carried was that you had to be special to be a part of The Linen League!

The Linen League

Men’s fashion has come a long way since. Linen has acquired a special space in the hearts and wardrobes of stylish men. What makes Linen Special? Linen Shirts and Trousers are super duper cool. The material is light, fluid and absorbent too. It falls beautifully and create awesome drapes. Nothing speaks relaxed like a linen attire. So whats the catch? It will WRINKLE! It takes a lot of confidence to sport a wrinkled linen shirt and matching chinos. To me, it says that the man is comfortable in his own skin and does not care that his clothes are wrinkled. Such a person clearly does not believe in the adage, “Clothes maketh the man”. That is all cool for hanging out with friends, a casual date or even a day out in the humid Indian summer.

For formal occasions, the opinion between linen is divided. Those who prefer a bit of a lived in look with their formals or need to dress business casual in summer could opt for linen. However, to me a formal outfit made of linen just doesn’t cut it. If you have to wear it to work, then be so on a Friday. Linen suits and jackets may work in semi formal environment but I just cannot wrap my head around a wrinkly suit! I remember an incident when I was in London. One of our colleagues wore a linen shirt to work. He was teased mercilessly about his wrinkled look! It was all in good fun then but it is just possible that you could get to hear a caustic remark or two.

If you ask me, sport your breezy linen on weekends and holidays! What do you think?

How to Style Psychedelic Print Tops

Psychedelic prints have always fascinated me. Bursts of bright colours in random prints. What’s not to love? I picked this kurta online and loved it from the word go! It is bright, it is light and extremely comfortable as a summer wear. If you are one of those who gets quickly bored with pastels in summer, a multi colour mul kurta like this is a great option.

Style Psychedelic Prints Tops with Solid Colour Bottoms

Psychedelic Print Tops OOTD fill

Here I have paired them with plain black leggings. I also tried to pick a colour off the print and pair with it with a pink legging earlier. The contrast produced by black looked better. In my opinion, it set off the psychedelic print very nicely. With a pink legging it was more harmonious. Next time, I plan to pair it with a yellow legging.

For shorter tops, you can easily pair them with a pair of jeans, solid coloured pants or skirts. I would avoid pairing another print with it. I think something as light as a pinstripe too would clash horribly with it.

Accessories to use when you Style Psychedelic Print Tops

A busy print does not mean you need to skimp on accessories. Here I am wearing green sunglasses!!! Although I took them off at work 🙂 My earrings were a simple enameled hoop in purple, one of the colours from the neckline. My neckpiece was prominently in tones of yellow and I think it went well with the outfit. It neither seemed too much nor too little. Any simpler or smaller neckpiece would have been lost in the print. Anything bigger would seem too much. What do you think? On my left wrist I wore a stacked watch and kept the other one bare.

Psychedelic Print Tops Close cropped

The one element I struggled with was footwear. I tried a golden kolhapuri, a blue wedge sandal andd finally settled on this black ballet flat pair with a golden detail. The black went very well with the solid bottom and contributed to the contrast in the lower and upper half. The other pairs made me look stunted 🙁

Did you like my styling? How would you have style Psychedelic Print Tops?

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