All About Christmas – a Christmas Activity Book

December is All About Christmas! Is it any wonder then that we have a lovely activity book for kiddos that is all about Christmas 🙂 What I Liked The book starts with the Nativity story and explains the birth of Jesus. Growing up, I did not know this story and had no idea why my school always did the Nativity display around Christmas and what it signified The book also explains the stories of Saint Nicholas, better known Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree The book has more activities than stories. The activities are all kinds, from writing letters to

Windmill Festival Mumbai

Windmill Festival is happening in Mumbai on 16th and 17th December at Jio Garden, Bandra Kurla Complex. This is the second season of the festival. Till recently, I did not know about such. festivals and some big ones, I did not really bothered about taking my daughter to those citing reasons of crowd and chaos. My opinions changed when I experienced first-hand how much fun she had at a similar festival a while ago. I realised that these are good occasions to get the kids out of home, restrict their screen time and let them experience different, fun activities!  

iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book

Keeping kids away from screens during their vacations can be a task. I am always on the lookout for ways to do it. Every vacation, board games, art book, craft supplies and a bunch of new toys are piled up for her. The one thing I am struggling to get her hooked on to are books. So this Diwali, when I was invited by JAMMs to try the new iDiwali interactive Diwali story activity book, I was intrigued. What I Liked The Ramayana story is explained in a simple and fun way that kids can relate to. For any activity book,

Krazy Kids Karnival – a modern day Diwali Mela!

Hello mommies, Diwali vacations are just around the corner and along with the end-of-exams relief comes the start-of-vacation worry. My daughter’s vacation is the time I struggle to engage her meaningfully and keep her away from devices and TV. We do go out but once you have seen the zoo, the planetarium, the aquarium and the likes, where do you take kids in Mumbai? Till two years ago, I wasn’t aware about a lot of events but thanks to JAMMs, I now know about offline events and one of them is the Krazy Kids Karnival. Now this event is happening

Hair Makeover and Review BBlunt Salon Secrets High Shine Creme Hair Colour

Hi everyone, how have you been? I have been missing for a while from blogsville and the online world in general. Well, life threw a couple of lemons at me and am glad I had people around to help me turn it into lemonade 🙂 So, back in July I had the opportunity to get a hair makeover courtesy JAMMs and BBlunt. It was quite an experience, a two day affair where I got my hair coloured on Day 1 and had a wonderful interaction with Adhuna Bhabani and mommies from around the city. My hair makeover was done using BBlunt Salon