Travel Beauty Kit

Travel Beauty Kit Pinterest

Travel – whether you do it because your job needs you to or because you love it, there are always some chores that are a part and parcel of travelling like packing and laundry after you get back. For me, packing is such a huge headache that I am normally packing upto the last minute. …

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Urby Passport Holder #Review

Urby Passport Holder

Urby is a brand that believes in good quality products at affordable prices. Their brand story talks about eliminating middle men and making fine products available to the urban consumer at non-luxury prices. In the Indian market flooded with high price, low quality Chinese imports where you pay more for the brand than the product …

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Holiday Differently with Sterling

Holiday Differently with Sterling

I attended a blogger’s meet with Sterling recently. During the interaction, Sterling revealed their new Holiday Differently with Sterling philosophy and brand identity. The whole talk had me thinking how my own holidays have evolved over the last two to three decades. Holidays – Then & Now When I was young, we took a lot …

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Three waterside destinations for those who don’t like beaches


I was talking to my colleague the other day about mountain vacations versus beach vacations and he said he hated beaches. He did not mind the water but the sand and cleaning up after put him off beach vacations. “You are missing out on the fun of waterside relaxation my friend”, I told him. “Not …

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