Urby Passport Holder #Review

Urby Passport Holder

Urby is a brand that believes in good quality products at affordable prices. Their brand story talks about eliminating middle men and making fine products available to the urban consumer at non-luxury prices. In the Indian market flooded with high price, low quality Chinese imports where you pay more for the brand than the product itself, Urby’s approach is refreshing indeed! I was sent the Urby Passport Holder for review and here is what I think!

Urby Passport Holder

Urby Passport Holder

What I Liked

  1. You can personalise it! Urby offers personalisation option for a mere INR 150. I think it adds a lot of character to the passport holder. Personalisation is an especially good idea if you are buying this to gift someone. Am sure they will appreciate it. You can even choose the personalisation in two different colours- Gold and Silver
  2. The Quality is good. The brand lives up to the promise of great quality. The material is soft and the stitching is sturdy. I always look out for poor finishing in products like this and found no loose threads.
  3. It is a snug fit for the passport. There is no danger of the passport slipping out when you drop it in your tote. I have been there with another product and had a mini heart attack at losing the product
  4. There are many styles available. The Urby website has many styles and colours available, from classy and elegant to funky. Needless to say, the price varies depending on the material. They start at INR 895 and go upto INR 2295. They also have cutesy ones for kids!
  5. Free Shipping. Urby offers free shipping for orders above INR 750. I like that the threshold is not crazy high.

What I Did Not Like

My one grouse is with the brand and not the product. Why aren’t you marketing more aggressively? I have not seen ads on digital platforms even after visiting their site multiple times. The social media presence is almost non existent. These products need more attention for sure!

Urby Passport Holder


Final Thoughts

I like the fact that this brand is value conscious and that is what makes the Urby Passport Holder a good buy. If you are a travel junkie or know someone who is, this is a good gift to take care of the most important travel document!

You can buy the Urby Passport Holder here.

I was sent the product by the brand to review. My views are my own and not influenced by the brand. Urby designs and manufactures essentials for an urban lifestyle using the premium materials and fine craftsmanship. By selling directly to customers, the brand eliminates middlemen, offering high quality products at non-luxury prices. You can check out their offerings on http://www.urby.in


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