5 Last Minute Ideas for your New Year Eve Dresses that won’t break the bank!

If you are the kind os person who leaves things till the last minute or you thought you would not go and party this new year eve but only just decided that you will in fact go and party, chances are you are wondering, “What Do I Wear”? Before you go hunting the malls or boutiques for new year eve dresses, pause and think. Can you wear something from your wardrobe? Is there a way you can avoid breaking your bank and still sport some fabulous new year eve dresses? You can! Here are some last minute ideas for new year eve dresses.

Last Minute Ideas for New Year Eve Dresses

Am sharing a few ideas here that will perhaps help you look into your wardrobe. The key is to sport a memorable look and all said and done, the new year eve dresses are nothing but regular dresses incorporated into your entire new year eve look. The dress at the end of the day is just a part of the look!

1. Style a seldom worn dress differently

This used to be a big challenge for me. I always had the same accessories, the same styling for a garment. Then I started reading a genius called Imogen Lamport, and learnt loads about body shapes, flattering cuts and unflattering styles. Go read her if you haven’t already. She marries the art and science of styling in a way that every woman can benefit! Okay, I digressed. So pick a dress you have morn maybe once or twice and style it differently. In the example below, I am wearing a long black dress. The first option is where I added a lacy shrug to it and the white lacy shrug captures all the attention. In the second option, I shrugged off the shrug and let the pearl neckline take the centre. I also tied my hair up in a french twist so that the look changes. In the third option, I changed up the belt for a tan one and added a white and tan bag that went with it. Since it was a beach party, flipflops and aviators completed my look.


Black and White Outfit New Year Eve Dresses
With Lacy Shrug


New Year Eve Dresses
Pic Credit – Vaisakhi Mishra


Black Maxi Beach 1
With a Tan belt for a beach party!

2. Refurbish an Old Dress

So you have a dress that your third aunt gifted you a year back when she visited you that was completely wrong for you? See if you can refurbish it. Maybe cut off the unflattering puffed sleeve or get rid of the high collar for a deeper neckline. Maybe take in the flare or take the waist up. Small alterations like this can make a dress usable. If you can manage a little more than that by being a master seamstress yourself or sweet talking your local tailor, then head over to New Dress A Day by Marissa. You’d never want to throw old clothes again! An hour on her blog can give you inspiration to turn any dress from Meh to Wow!

3. Wear a Dress as Skirt

By wearing an eye catching top over a dress, it can be converted to a skirt. This works well if you want to –

  1. Wear a statement print but feel the entire dress is too much
  2. Wear a top with a lot of detailing
  3. Save money on a skirt / jeans 😉

A combination you have not work before will give you the look of a new dress.

4. Create your New Year Eve Dresses from separates

I love to do this. If you have a skirt and top in the same solid colour, it can be worn together to give an illusion of a dress. This would work especially well for black. Fish out that black pencil skirt and find a fitted tank or top in the same shade of black. Be sure it is the same density else the look fails. Add a lacy shrug or a blazer to it and you have a brand new dress! In the pic below, I have used a black top and a black skirt of the same intensity. I sported this look to train a few colleagues but change up the coat for a colourful one and you can totally rock this at an open air new year’s party.

New Year Eve Dresses

If you do not have a top, you can just buy a tank top in the same colour as your skirt. This will not work for constrasts though and may not for a day time party. But it works great for new year eve dresses since you are most likely to be in a low light setting.

5. Stack up on loads of Accessories

I cannot stress this enough. Accessories like scarves can completely change the look. I have used scraves in different ways and long shrugs as statement pieces. They catch so much attention that the other elements of the dresses fade away in comparison!

So these are my ideas for rocking your new year eve dresses. What are yours?

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  1. Nicely recycled your dresses. I though women are very particular they are not going to repeat dresses in same circles. Very innovative. 🙂

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